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  1. fog
  2. precipitation
  3. nitrogen
  4. humidity
  5. hail
  1. a frozen raindrops that have been blown back into the cloud to form more frozen layers
  2. b the gas that makes up most of our air
  3. c any form of water thats falls from the clouds to earth
  4. d the amount of water vapor in the air
  5. e a cloud on the ground

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  1. tempature water boils
  2. tempature water freezes (turns to ice)
  3. the ability to do work
  4. this creates the weight of the atmosphere
  5. supplies the energy in steam

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  1. air massa rain or storm cloud


  2. solidsmolecules are packed close together


  3. snowa cloud on the ground


  4. matteranything that has weight and takes up space


  5. surface tensionobjects will float in water because has a high


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