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  1. core
  2. absolute location
  3. temperate grasslands
  4. convection
  5. biosphere
  1. a heat energy caused when material is heated (expands and rises) then cools( and falls)
  2. b its position on the globe
  3. c living things that occupy the planet
  4. d prairie plains steppe
  5. e center of the earth; mainly iron and some nickel, solid inner core and liquid outer core

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  1. surface features (soil, landforms)
  2. places exist with each other, constantly interacting
  3. changes the chemical composition of rock. ex: acid rain, carbon dioxide mixed with water creates acid that eats away at rock
  4. two plates move away from each other: earthquakes, volcanoes, and rift valleys occur
  5. theory that there was once a supercontinent that broke up into separate continents(pangaea)

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  1. core, mantle, crusttells cardinal directions on a map


  2. water erosionmoving water that wears away at rock; water and sediment, coastal erosion, river erosin ex:grand canyon, precipitation, creates deltas


  3. relative locationone complete orbit around the sun


  4. oceanicmore dense then continental plates


  5. seasonsearth is constantly moving in relation to the sun


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