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  1. arctic and alpine
  2. greater
  3. lithosphere, atmosphere, hydroshpere, biosphere
  4. subduction
  5. 365 1/4 days
  1. a types of tundra
  2. b how long does it take for earth to complete one revolution?
  3. c earth's elements
  4. d large scale maps show _______ detail
  5. e two plates come together and one sinks under the other; continental/oceanic or oceanic/oceanic; earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, tsunamis

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  1. discovered rocks in the ocean much younger than rocks found on continents
  2. physical breakdown of rocks. ex:frost wedging and plant growth
  3. moving water that wears away at rock; water and sediment, coastal erosion, river erosin ex:grand canyon, precipitation, creates deltas
  4. the movement of weathered material (gravel, soil, sand, etc.)
  5. when the sun appears directly overhead the equator

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  1. lesssmall scale maps show _________ detail


  2. compass rosemain reason supporting wegners theory of continental drift: simialr _______ from all different continents


  3. movementtwo continental plates collide; earthquakes and mountains occur


  4. oceanicwhere something is situated


  5. formal regionarea in which certain characteristics are found throughout that area (countries/states)


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