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  1. plate tectonics
  2. oceanic
  3. perceptual region
  4. relative location
  5. arctic and alpine
  1. a its relation compared to other places
  2. b more dense then continental plates
  3. c earths outer shell is not one solid sheet; plates of different size and thickness are constantly shifting
  4. d defined by people's feelings and attitudes about a place (the south)
  5. e types of tundra

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  1. mountains/ high elevation
  2. when the sun appears directly overhead the tropics of cancer and capricorn
  3. two plates slide against each other; earthquakes and faults occur
  4. the movement of weathered material (gravel, soil, sand, etc.)
  5. types of plate boundaries

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  1. tundraanazlyzes sound to determine distance and direction. used for mapping the ocean floor


  2. seafloor spreadingdiscovered rocks in the ocean much younger than rocks found on continents


  3. compass rosefound in areas of arcitc tundra, parts of the soil just under the surface stays permanently frozen


  4. forest grasslands desert tundrafound very close to poles


  5. 23 1/2 degreestilt of earths axis


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