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  1. atmosphere
  2. convection
  3. hydrosphere
  4. perceptual region
  5. sonar
  1. a anazlyzes sound to determine distance and direction. used for mapping the ocean floor
  2. b layer of air, water, and other substances about the surface
  3. c defined by people's feelings and attitudes about a place (the south)
  4. d water in oceans, lakes, etc
  5. e heat energy caused when material is heated (expands and rises) then cools( and falls)

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  1. mountains/ high elevation
  2. discovered rocks in the ocean much younger than rocks found on continents
  3. interaction of plants animals and the environment
  4. found very close to poles
  5. tilt of earths axis

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  1. 365 1/4 dayspart of grasslands ecosystem; found in warm areas near the equator


  2. continental and oceanictheory that there was once a supercontinent that broke up into separate continents(pangaea)


  3. chemical weatheringphysical breakdown of rocks. ex:frost wedging and plant growth


  4. permafrostrocky surface layer 5-23 miles


  5. subductioncauses plates to move


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