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  1. glacial erosion
  2. continental drift theory
  3. scale
  4. functional region
  5. convergent, divergent, subduction, transform
  1. a huge sheets of ice that move carrying dirt, rocks, and boulders. ex: valleys lakes great lakes and ridges
  2. b consist of a central place and the surrounding places affected by it (amazon drainage basin)
  3. c size of map in relation to the rest of the real world
  4. d theory that there was once a supercontinent that broke up into separate continents(pangaea)
  5. e types of plate boundaries

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  1. types of tundra
  2. earth is constantly moving in relation to the sun
  3. found in areas of arcitc tundra, parts of the soil just under the surface stays permanently frozen
  4. earth's elements
  5. shed their leaves during one season

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  1. biosphereliving things that occupy the planet


  2. crustcenter of the earth; mainly iron and some nickel, solid inner core and liquid outer core


  3. ecosystemthe movement of weathered material (gravel, soil, sand, etc.)


  4. subductiontwo plates come together and one sinks under the other; continental/oceanic or oceanic/oceanic; earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, tsunamis


  5. rotationwhere something is situated


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