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  1. savanna
  2. movement
  3. character of a place
  4. GIS
  5. biome
  1. a physical and human characteristics (place)
  2. b major type of ecosystem found in certain regions
  3. c _______ of people, goods, and ideas
  4. d uses computer technology to collect, manipulate, analyze and display data about earths surface; layer data to solve problems
  5. e part of grasslands ecosystem; found in warm areas near the equator

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  1. a group of places with at least one common characteristic
  2. changes the chemical composition of rock. ex: acid rain, carbon dioxide mixed with water creates acid that eats away at rock
  3. how long does it take for earth to complete one revolution?
  4. have needles that enable them to survive winters
  5. large scale maps show _______ detail

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  1. convergent_______ of people, goods, and ideas


  2. revolutionone complete orbit around the sun


  3. lithosphere, atmosphere, hydroshpere, biospheremost maps have:


  4. compass rose, key/legend, scaletells cardinal directions on a map


  5. erosionthe earth spins on its axis.


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