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  1. arctic tundra
  2. region
  3. greenhouse effect
  4. functional region
  5. 365 1/4 days
  1. a atmosphere acts as a greenhouse; holds in sun's heat for life on earth
  2. b a group of places with at least one common characteristic
  3. c how long does it take for earth to complete one revolution?
  4. d consist of a central place and the surrounding places affected by it (amazon drainage basin)
  5. e found very close to poles

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  1. rocky surface layer 5-23 miles
  2. earth is constantly moving in relation to the sun
  3. places exist with each other, constantly interacting
  4. major type of ecosystem found in certain regions
  5. _______ of people, goods, and ideas

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  1. compass rosetells cardinal directions on a map


  2. rotationone complete orbit around the sun


  3. absolute locationits relation compared to other places


  4. climatelong-term weather patterns


  5. mantlesize of map in relation to the rest of the real world


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