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  1. forest grasslands desert tundra
  2. coniferous forest
  3. revolution
  4. continental and oceanic
  5. continental drift theory
  1. a types of ecosystems
  2. b have needles that enable them to survive winters
  3. c two types of plates
  4. d one complete orbit around the sun
  5. e theory that there was once a supercontinent that broke up into separate continents(pangaea)

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  1. explains symbols used on a map
  2. its relation compared to other places
  3. rocky surface layer 5-23 miles
  4. size of map in relation to the rest of the real world
  5. uses computer technology to collect, manipulate, analyze and display data about earths surface; layer data to solve problems

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  1. fossilsmain reason supporting wegners theory of continental drift: simialr _______ from all different continents


  2. sound navigation and rangingsonar


  3. mantlethick layer of rock around the core, 1,800 miles


  4. sonaranazlyzes sound to determine distance and direction. used for mapping the ocean floor


  5. solsticewhere something is situated


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