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  1. picaresque'
  2. ambiv'alent
  3. carte' blanche
  4. savoir-faire'
  5. quea'sy
  1. a adjective. involving or characteristic of clever rogues or adventures
  2. b adjective. nauseated or uneasy; causing nausea or uneasiness; troubled
  3. c noun. the ability to say and do the right thing in any situation; social competence
  4. d noun. full freedom or authority to act at one's own discretion
  5. e adjective. having opposite and conflicting feelings about someone or something

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  1. adjective. capable of being formed into different shapes; ability to alter, adapt or influence
  2. noun. a state of being temporarily inactive, suspended, or set aside
  3. adjective/noun. lacking in, hostile to, or smugly indifferent to cultural and artistic values or refinements
  4. adjective. overly demanding or hard to plase; excessively careful in regard to details; easily disgusted
  5. adjective. stubborn; hard or difficult to manage; not responsive to treatment or cure

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  1. nem'esisver. to jump or skip about playfully


  2. belea'gueradjective. nauseated or uneasy; causing nausea or uneasiness; troubled


  3. cat'aclysmver. to jump or skip about playfully


  4. eclat'verb. to soak or stain thoroughly; to fill the mind


  5. optnoun. dazzling or conspicuous success or acclaim; great brilliance


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