Ancient Greece

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the Parthenon was a symbol of...

success; victory over the persians

chief sculptor of the Parthenon



commissioned the Parthenon

money for the Parthenon came from...

money left over from the war with the Persians

columns were brought to the building site by...

building a wooden frame around the drum and pulling it

there are no _________ lines in the Parthenon


statue of Athena

lavish cult statue 40 ft. high, contained 1 ton of gold

argument against construction

people said that the Parthenon made Athens look better than it really was


framed triangular section just below the roof


situated between the triglyphs; contains sculpted scenes


underneath the pediment; contains the triglyphs & metatropes


lintel below the frieze


area between roof and column


"cap" that sits directly on top of column


ground-level platform


(DORIC) part directly on top of column, looks like a sea urchin


(IONIC) flowery, mustache-like part directly above the column

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