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  1. officious
  2. inscrutable
  3. windward
  4. castanet
  5. recrimination
  1. a too eager to serve of advise
  2. b not easily understood
  3. c percussion instrument clicked in the hand
  4. d an accusation made in retaliation
  5. e facing the direction from which the wind is coming

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  1. decorated
  2. knot, lump
  3. facing the same direction that the wind is blowing
  4. angrily, crossly
  5. an uproar

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  1. vicissitudestoo eager to serve of advise


  2. compulsionplayful leaping or dancing


  3. pinchhanging


  4. tendrilslender, cold, hanging plant structure.


  5. pendanthanging


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