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  1. festooned
  2. seductive
  3. bolting
  4. contrite
  5. node
  1. a decorated
  2. b out of control
  3. c sincerely sorry for shortcomings
  4. d knot, lump
  5. e tempting

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  1. an accusation made in retaliation
  2. too eager to serve of advise
  3. facing the same direction that the wind is blowing
  4. irresistible impulse or force
  5. percussion instrument clicked in the hand

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  1. inscrutablenot easily understood


  2. caperingplayful leaping or dancing


  3. pendantslender, cold, hanging plant structure.


  4. windwardfacing the direction from which the wind is coming


  5. vicissitudespercussion instrument clicked in the hand


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