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These are the flashcards Mr. Stevens wanted, all digitalized! yay! I'll add them chapter by chapter. enjoy!

Industrial Revolution

The change from an agrarian society to one based on industry which began in Great Britain and spread to the United States around 1800


Money for investment


The application of scientific discoveries to practical use

Cotton Gin

A machine that removed seeds from cotton fiber

Eli Whitney

Inventor of the Cotton Gin


A document that gives an inventor the sole rights to an invention for a period of time

Francis Cabot Lowell

A New Englander who launched the factory system in his cloth mill, the first to have all stages of cloth making under one roof

Factory System

System bringing manufacturing steps together in one place to increase efficiency

Lowell Girls

The girls, aged from 15 to 30, who left farms for the independence (and confinement) of working at Lowells cloth factory

Samuel Slater

A English factory worker who memorized Richard Arkwright's cotton spinning designs to start a cotton mill in America

Interchangeable Parts

Uniform pieces that can be made in large quantities to replace other identical pieces

Tariff of 1816

The law placing a tax on imported goods, making ironware, paper, woolen, and cotton goods from Great Britain more expensive then their American counterparts

Second Bank of the United States

The second, very much more successful, Bank Of America, founded in in 1816


The Official Count of the Population


Toll Roads

National Road

A road to the west built by Congress in 1818

Robert Fulton

Developed the Clerment, a highly sophisticated steamboat


A highly sophisticated steamboat developed by Robert Clerment


An artificial waterway

Dewitt Clinton

Leader of business and government officials that came up with a plan to link NYC with the Great Lakes region

Erie Canal

A 363 mile canal linking NYC to the Great Lakes region


Seperate compartments where water levels were raised or lowered

Era of Good Feeling

An political era when the Federalist party faded away and there were almost no divisions


Loyalty to to a region

Internal Improvements

Programs like building roads and canals to stimulate trade

American System

A program including a protective tariff, internal improvements to stimulate trade, and a national bank

Missouri Compromise

A deal which admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state

McCulloch vs. Maryland

A case where the Supreme Court ruled that Maryland can not tax the United States Bank because it is a federal institution

Rush- Bagot Treaty

Limited the number of naval vessels on the Great Lakes

Convention of 1818

Set the official border between the U.S. and Canada at the 49th parallel

Adams- Onis Treaty 1819

The treaty relinquishing Spanish Texas to Spain but gaining Florida

Monroe Doctrine

An American statement opposing interference in the Western hemisphere from Europe


Removal of weapons


A border without military forces


To be tried by military court

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