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  1. Article XIX
  2. The Red Flame
  3. Arthur Mellete
  4. Bank of North Dakota (BND)
  5. Germans from Russia
  1. a hotly debated part of of the new constitution
    delegated the locations of various government buildings
  2. b a pamphlet published by Langer and Kositzky who attacked the leadership of the league
  3. c Established by the ND legislature; only state owned bank in the US
  4. d ...
  5. e left Russia because of Tsar Alexander II and settled mostly in central ND

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  1. ND's national guard units that fourth in WWI
  2. organization of farmers and others who wanted to correct the political and economic problems of those who lived in Dakota Territory
  3. represented the underlying discontent for ND politics
  4. 1st territorial governor
    Pres. Lincoln's personal physician & campaign manager
  5. purpose was to rid the state of Socialists; succeeded in limiting support, but did not completely destroy them

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  1. Golden Age of Agricultureone stop shopping location that contained goods shipped in from the East


  2. Progressivesdamaged or destroyed homes; caused loss of lives and crops


  3. Arthur C. Townley...


  4. Louisiana Lotterya game of chance in which numbered tickets were sold, and the holder of the number drawn was declared the winner of prizes and money


  5. congressional townshipsparcels of land 6 miles square and divided into 36 one-mile-square sections


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