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  1. sod houses
  2. Cooperative Elevator
  3. referendum
  4. Timber Culture Act of 1873
  5. Germans from Russia
  1. a owned by the farmers who sold grain to it,aimed to return its profits to its members and to pay farmers higher prices for their wheat.
  2. b were built on the prairie where wood was not available
  3. c people could vote to take a law off the books after legislature has passed it
  4. d left Russia because of Tsar Alexander II and settled mostly in central ND
  5. e Settler could acquire 160 acres of land if they planted 10 acres of trees

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  1. purpose was to rid the state of Socialists; succeeded in limiting support, but did not completely destroy them
  2. ND's national guard units that fourth in WWI
  3. voters can remove a public official before the term of office was completed
  4. ...
  5. gave people the right to create and pass a law by popular vote

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  1. Article XIXhotly debated part of of the new constitution
    delegated the locations of various government buildings


  2. congressional townshipsRepublican progressive who led ND into a new political direction; editor of the Grand Forks Herald


  3. Dakota Farmers' Alliance...


  4. George WinshipPresident of the Northern Pacific Railroad
    laid cornerstone for new capitol in Bismarck


  5. John Millera politician loyal to Alexander McKenzie, was North Dakota's first governor


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