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  1. Direct Primary
  2. Louisiana Lottery
  3. sod houses
  4. Dawes Severalty Act of 1887
  5. Alexander McKenzie
  1. a political boss of North Dakota
    influence made him a controversial figure
  2. b were built on the prairie where wood was not available
  3. c dissolved the tribes as legal entities and divided tribal land among the members; after twenty-five years, the Indians would legally own land and could apply for citizenship
  4. d another progressive reform and a nominating election
  5. e a game of chance in which numbered tickets were sold, and the holder of the number drawn was declared the winner of prizes and money

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  1. believed that having the state government play a larger role in the economy could help cure society's economic ills
  2. Established by Congress to look after the Indians on the reservations; natives were treated as wards of the government
  3. Republican progressive who led ND into a new political direction; editor of the Grand Forks Herald
  4. Americans wanted the US to stay out of the European conflict
  5. left Germany and settled throughout North Dakota

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  1. Golden Age of Agricultureone stop shopping location that contained goods shipped in from the East


  2. postdated checkcheck that cannot be cashed until the date of the check;
    allowed farmers without membership money for the NPL to pay later


  3. Preemption Act of 1841settlers could buy 160 acres of land at $1.25/acre if they didn't all ready own 320 acres in any state or territory


  4. Organic Act of Dakotacreated Dakota Territory on March 2, 1861 by Pres. Buchanan
    included present day South Dakota


  5. Charles Russellvoters can remove a public official before the term of office was completed


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