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  1. Reich Germans
  2. Bank of North Dakota (BND)
  3. Direct Primary
  4. Dawes Severalty Act of 1887
  5. congressional townships
  1. a another progressive reform and a nominating election
  2. b Established by the ND legislature; only state owned bank in the US
  3. c parcels of land 6 miles square and divided into 36 one-mile-square sections
  4. d dissolved the tribes as legal entities and divided tribal land among the members; after twenty-five years, the Indians would legally own land and could apply for citizenship
  5. e left Germany and settled throughout North Dakota

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  1. ...
  2. hotly debated part of of the new constitution
    delegated the locations of various government buildings
  3. ...
  4. President of the Northern Pacific Railroad
    laid cornerstone for new capitol in Bismarck
  5. a politician loyal to Alexander McKenzie, was North Dakota's first governor

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  1. forty-first divisionND's national guard units that fourth in WWI


  2. prairie firereformers who believed people should have more voice in government


  3. Homestead Act of 1862settlers could get 160 acres of land if they lived on it for 5 years and cultivated some of it


  4. Resource of Dakota...


  5. Organic Act of Dakota...


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