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  1. A chemical test which detects the presence or absence of a biochemical is?
  2. Long and sharp teeth are characteristic of...
  3. Do different types of teeth have different functions?
  4. What color develops when Nile Blue reacts with lipids?
  5. The spectrophotometer in this exercise measures
  1. a Carnivores
  2. b Qualitative
  3. c Intensity
  4. d Red
  5. e Yes

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  1. Proteins
  2. No
  3. Starches
  4. Omnivore
  5. Purple

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  1. Simple sugars like glucose can be detected and measured by using orcinol?Five


  2. Do intensity values displayed have any quantitative significance?No


  3. If a large amount of starch is detected in the stomach of a species with long pointed teeth it is likely to be an herbivore?Quantitative


  4. As the concentration of the biochemical increases, the intensity of the color developed decreases?No


  5. The tooth morphology of a dinosaur is related to diet?Intensity


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