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Bio 100 Chemical Compounds Test

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  1. Which type of dinosaur would posses both long and sharp teeth as well as large and flat teeth?
  2. Large teeth with flat surfaces are characteristic of...
  3. All things test positive for amino acids?
  4. Does tooth morphology and biochemical analysis tend to be consistent with each other?
  5. A chemical test which detects the amount of a biochemical is?
  1. a Yes
  2. b Herbivores
  3. c Quantitative
  4. d Omnivore
  5. e True

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  1. Yes
  2. Starch
  3. Red
  4. No
  5. Five

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  1. What color develops when Biuert reacts with a protein?Blue-Green


  2. A chemical test which detects the presence or absence of a biochemical is?Qualitative


  3. As the concentration of the biochemical increases, the intensity of the color developed decreases?No


  4. Ninhydrin reacts with...Amino Acids


  5. Nile blue reacts with...Starches


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