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  1. Monophony
  2. Dissonance
  3. Melody
  4. Basso Continuo
  5. Motive
  1. a Intervals or chords that sound relatively tense and unstable.
  2. b A musical texture involving a single melodic line, as in Gregorian Chant
  3. c A set of chords continuous underlying the melody in a piece of Baroque music. - harpsichord/cello
  4. d A short fragment of melody or rhythm used in constructing a long section of music
  5. e The aspect of music having to do with the succession of pitches; also applied to any particular succession of pitches.

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  1. A half-singing, half-reciting style of presenting words in opera, cantata, oratorio, etc, following speech rhythms closely.
  2. A short passage of imitative polyphony based on a single theme, or on two used together.
  3. A grouping of pitches played and heard simultaneously.
  4. Unaccompanied, monophonic music, without fixed rhythm or meter, such as gregorian chant
  5. A vocal number for solo singer and orchestra, generally in an opera, cantata, or oratorio.

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  1. OctaveA short fragment of melody or rhythm used in constructing a long section of music


  2. Ritornello FormThe sonorous quality of a particular instrument, voice, or combination of instruments or voices


  3. Medieval Polyphonic Moteta short piece of sacred choral music, typically polyphonic and unaccompanied.


  4. Polyphonic Mass/Mass OrdinaryA motive, phrase, or theme repeated over and over again played in the bass.


  5. PitchA background of stressed and unstressed beats in a simple, regular, repeating pattern


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