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  1. Chord
  2. Cadence
  3. Tone Color
  4. Ritornello Form
  5. Crescendo
  1. a The sonorous quality of a particular instrument, voice, or combination of instruments or voices
  2. b The notes or chords (or the whole short passage) ending a section of music with a feeling of conclusiveness.
  3. c Getting louder
  4. d A baroque musical form based on recurrences of a ritornello
  5. e A grouping of pitches played and heard simultaneously.

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  1. The complete book of words for an opera, oratorio, cantata, etc.
  2. Drama presented in music, with the characters singing instead of speaking
  3. The difference or distance between two pitches, measured by the number of diatonic scale notes between them.
  4. The aspect of music having to do with with duration of the notes in time; also applied to any particular durational patterns
  5. A motive, phrase, or theme repeated over and over again played in the bass.

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  1. Imitative PolyphonyA musical texture involving a single melodic line, as in Gregorian Chant


  2. TextureThe blend of various sounds and melodic lines occurring simultaneously in a piece of music


  3. DecrescendoGetting louder


  4. OctaveA short fragment of melody or rhythm used in constructing a long section of music


  5. RecitativeA half-singing, half-reciting style of presenting words in opera, cantata, oratorio, etc, following speech rhythms closely.


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