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  1. Dissonance
  2. Monophony
  3. Organum
  4. Melody
  5. Pitch
  1. a Intervals or chords that sound relatively tense and unstable.
  2. b The quality of "highness" or "lowness" of sound; also applied to any particular pitch level, such as middle C
  3. c The earliest genre of medieval polyphonic music
  4. d A musical texture involving a single melodic line, as in Gregorian Chant
  5. e The aspect of music having to do with the succession of pitches; also applied to any particular succession of pitches.

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  1. A half-singing, half-reciting style of presenting words in opera, cantata, oratorio, etc, following speech rhythms closely.
  2. A motive, phrase, or theme repeated over and over again played in the bass.
  3. The speed of the music, i.e. the rate at which the accented and unaccented beats of the meter follow one another
  4. A grouping of pitches played and heard simultaneously.
  5. A polyphonic musical texture in which various melodic lines use approximately the same themes.

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  1. CrescendoGetting louder


  2. RhythmThe aspect of music having to do with with duration of the notes in time; also applied to any particular durational patterns


  3. Point of imitationThe essential idea is that just one unified and "rationalized" Affekt should be aimed at by any single piece or movement of music, and that to attempt more was to risk confusion and disorder.

    According to one version of the theory there are three pairs of opposing emotions that make six "affects" all together: love/hate, joy/sorrow, wonder/desire


  4. GenreA general category of music determined partly by the number and kind of instruments or voices involved, and partly by its form, style, or purpose. "Opera" "symphonic poem" and "sonata" are examples.


  5. MadrigalA vocal number for solo singer and orchestra, generally in an opera, cantata, or oratorio.


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