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  1. Superior articular process
  2. Vomer
  3. Inferior articular process
  4. External occipital protuberance
  5. Transverse foramen
  1. a
    Name this foramen of the atlas (C1).
  2. b
    Name this specific part of the lumbar vertebrae.
  3. c
    Name this specific part of the atlas (C1).
  4. d
    Name this bony landmark of the occipital bone.
  5. e
    Name this bone.

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  1. Name this part of the hyoid bone.

  2. Name this bone.

  3. Name this part of the fetal skull.

  4. Name this bone.

  5. Name this bone.

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  1. Spinous process
    Name this bony landmark.


  2. Zygomatic bone
    Name this bone.


  3. Orbit
    Name this area of the skull.


  4. Mental foramen
    Name this opening.


  5. Temporal process
    Name this part of the zygomatic bone.


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