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  1. amorphous solid
  2. capillary action
  3. phase diagram
  4. equilibrium
  5. vaporization
  1. a A solid in which the particles are arranged randomly
  2. b A dynamic condition in which two opposing changes occur at equal rates in a closed system
  3. c Attraction of the surface of a liquid to the surface of a solid
  4. d Process by which a liquid or solid changes to a gas
  5. e graph of pressure versus temperature that shows the conditions under which the phases of a substance exist

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  1. change of state from a solid directly to a gas
  2. pressure exerted by a vapor in equilibrium with its corresponding liquid at a given temperature
  3. Any part of a system that has uniform composition and properties
  4. Force that tends to pull adjacent parts of a liquid's surface together
  5. conversion of a liquid to a vapor within the liquid as well as at its surface

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  1. crystalline solidSubstance in which the particles are arranged in an orderly, geometric, repeating pattern


  2. diffusionSpontaneous mixing of the particles of two substances caused by their random motion


  3. freezing pointTemperature at which a solid becomes a liquid


  4. meltingPhysical change of a solid to a liquid by adding of heat


  5. freezingPhysical change of a solid to a liquid by adding of heat


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