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  1. Renaissance Stage
  2. New Theaters Built during Restoration
  3. Apron
  4. First Actress
  5. Lazzi
  1. a comic pieces of business used repeatedly by characters in Italian commedia dell'arte.
  2. b Theater Royal
    Drury Lane
    Lincoln's Fields Inn
    Dorset Garden Theater
  3. c 1660
  4. d area in front of proscenium arch was equal in size to the stage behind the arch
  5. e Staggered wings, painted backdrop (vanashing point), changable scenery

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  1. Italian designer
  2. the lovers
  3. The large open-air theatres, purpose-built as commercial playhouses, were an innovation of the 1580s, but their open stages and lack of scenery were common to other places the actors would have performed-such as the halls at Court and in great houses, or the innyards they might use when on tour.
  4. Director and designer work out the play's environment, noting doorways, windows, steps, levels, walls, and furniture.
    Outlined in tape on the rehearsal hall floor so the actors can visualize the environment in rehearsals.
  5. Written expressly for the court
    Performed in banquet halls with the King/Queen and court participating
    Inigo Jones- designed stage and costumes.

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  1. Cuckold1656, first female actress on stage. illegal!


  2. Moliere influenced byPlautus
    Commedia Dell'arte


  3. English stage 17th and 18 centuryLong and narrow
    Artificial lighting (candles)
    Theaters were open year round


  4. Verseexaggerated improbable situations( The Three Stooges)


  5. Monologuea character alone on stage speaking his or her thoughts aloud.


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