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  1. New Theaters Built during Restoration
  2. The Importance of Being Ernest
  3. Scene Designer
  4. Famous Actresses 17th and 18th century
  5. Coleman
  1. a Oscar Wilde (1895)
  2. b Help set the tone and style of the production
    Establishing Locale and Period
    Developing Concept
    Providing a Central Image or Metaphor
    Coordinating Scenery with a Whole
    Solving Practical Design Problems
  3. c Theater Royal
    Drury Lane
    Lincoln's Fields Inn
    Dorset Garden Theater
  4. d Nell Gwynn: flower seller, Mistress of Charles II, very funny. Very popular in her day.
    Elizabeth Barry: stoic
    Anne : never got married
  5. e 1656, first female actress on stage. illegal!

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  1. comic pieces of business used repeatedly by characters in Italian commedia dell'arte.
  2. pit- raked with benches- mid priced seats
    Boxes- expensive seats
    galleries- cheapest seats
  3. an attempt to revive and emulate classical attitudes towards art based on
    Restrained wit
  4. cunning clown
  5. 10 beats per line (heartbeat)

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  1. Punch and JudyJapanese writer who wrote emotional plays about the middle class. Suicide plays. They were banned though.


  2. TartuffeJean-Baptiste Poquelin or Moliere


  3. Stage ManagerOwned part of his company
    Lord Chamberlain's Men - during Queen Elizabeth's reign
    King's Men -during King James reign


  4. Cuckoldshort versions of full length plays.


  5. A Doll HouseHenrik Ibsen


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