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  1. Moliere influenced by
  2. Arlecchino (Harlequin)
  3. Couples in Midsummer Nights Dream
  4. Famous Actor 17th and 18th century
  5. Joruri
  1. a Thomas Betterton
  2. b Lysander and Hermia
    Helena and Demetrius
    Theseus and Hippolyta
    Titania and Oberon
  3. c Japanese puppet plays, needed three people to operate.
  4. d cunning clown
  5. e Plautus
    Commedia Dell'arte

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  1. Oscar Wilde (1895)
  2. Help establish the tone and style of a production.
    Indicate the historical period of a play and the locale in which it is set.
    Indicate the nature of individual characters or groups in a play: their stations in life, their occupations, their personalities.
    Show relationships among characters: separate major characters from minor ones, contrast one group with another.
    Meet the needs of the performer.
    Be consistent with the production as a whole.
  3. miserly old man
  4. Written expressly for the court
    Performed in banquet halls with the King/Queen and court participating
    Inigo Jones- designed stage and costumes.
  5. the lovers

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  1. Comedia Dell'arteone trait overshadows all others


  2. David Garrick 18th century actorManager of Drury Lane
    Sentimental comedy- played on the emotions of the audience in order to arouse sympathy for character.
    Ushered in a more " natural " style of acting


  3. Chikamatsua man with an unfaithful wife.


  4. Comedy of Mannersone trait overshadows all others


  5. Proscenium archan opening in a wall that stands between the stage and the house that becomes the frame through which the audience sees the play. (Renaissance)


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