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  1. Chikamatsu
  2. A Midsummer Night's Dream
  3. Verse
  4. Heroic Tragedy
  5. Famous Actresses 17th and 18th century
  1. a elevated language
  2. b William Shakespeare
  3. c extraordinary characters who undertook extraordinary deeds. Themes of love and honor and lots of death.
  4. d Nell Gwynn: flower seller, Mistress of Charles II, very funny. Very popular in her day.
    Elizabeth Barry: stoic
    Anne : never got married
  5. e Japanese writer who wrote emotional plays about the middle class. Suicide plays. They were banned though.

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  1. a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor
  2. Theater Royal
    Drury Lane
    Lincoln's Fields Inn
    Dorset Garden Theater
  3. Henrik Ibsen
  4. Help set the tone and style of the production
    Establishing Locale and Period
    Developing Concept
    Providing a Central Image or Metaphor
    Coordinating Scenery with a Whole
    Solving Practical Design Problems
  5. an attempt to revive and emulate classical attitudes towards art based on
    Restrained wit

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  1. Comedia Dell'arteComedy of professional player.
    Highly valued because of the high level of performance.
    Stock characters. Improvisation.


  2. Drollsshort versions of full length plays.


  3. ProseProse: shows lower status (mechanicals in midsummer nights dream). refers to ordinary speech with no regular pattern of accentual rhythm. Lines of text do not all have the same number of syllables nor is there any discernible pattern of stresses.


  4. English stage 17th and 18 centuryLong and narrow
    Artificial lighting (candles)
    Theaters were open year round


  5. Hair shirta shirt made of animal hair worn for penance.


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