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  1. Putamen
    Globus Pallidus
  2. Pathologically there is progressive atrophy of the striatum and the cortical connections to these nuclei
  3. -Motor control loop
    -Eye movement loop
    -Cognitive function loop
    -Limbic loop
  4. Striatum:
    1. Caudate
    2. Putamen
  5. 1. Globus pallidus - internal segment
    2. Substantia nigra pars reticulata
  1. a Nuclei of the Basal Ganglia that receive the main input from the cerebral cortex
  2. b Nuclei of the basal ganglia that provide the output information
  3. c Basal Ganglia Loops
  4. d Huntington's Disease
  5. e Lenticular nucleus

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  1. Ballismus
  2. Indirect Pathway
  3. Hemiballismus
  4. Rigidity
  5. Parkinson's Disease

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  1. slow speed of movementAkinesia


  2. -Control the initiation of movement
    -Control the smooth transition between 2 consecutive movements
    Basal Ganglia Function


  3. absence of movementBradykinesia


  4. -Cortex
    -Reticular Formation of brainstem
    Basal Ganglia Inputs


  5. -Resting tremor
    -Choreic movements
    -Ballistic movements
    Parkinson's Disease


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