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  1. petulant
  2. apprehensive
  3. haughty
  4. iniquity
  5. vindicate
  1. a show to be right by providing justification or proof/ to free from allegation/ blame
  2. b insolent or rude in speech or manner
  3. c having awareness or knowledge/ viewing the future with anxiety or alarm
  4. d a wicked act or thing (sin) or gross injustice
  5. e blatantly and disdainfully proud

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  1. forward; undesirably prominent; thrust out
  2. behavior toward others; outward manners
  3. not blatant or agressive
  4. depression of spirits
  5. willing to follow advice or authority, liable to be brought to account, capable of submission

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  1. auspiciousimpulsive or unpredicatable


  2. inscrutablenot readily investigated, interpreted, or understood; mysterious


  3. infamya wicked act or thing (sin) or gross injustice


  4. quietudea state of peace and quiet


  5. exemplaryinsolent or rude in speech or manner


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