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  1. expiation
  2. demeanor
  3. exemplary
  4. disquietude
  5. irrevocable
  1. a uneasiness; anxiety
  2. b behavior toward others; outward manners
  3. c not possible to revoke; unalterable
  4. d worthy of imitation, commendable; serving as a model
  5. e the act of making atonement

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  1. not able to be perceived by touch; vague/ not capable of being felt by touch or identified in mind
  2. Attended by favorable circumstances/ showing future success likely
  3. contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action
  4. not readily investigated, interpreted, or understood; mysterious
  5. extreme and publicly known criminal or evil act or evil reputation

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  1. maliceto cause anger, irritation or deep bitterness


  2. iniquitytending to intrude/ something that thrusts themselves without welcome/ not invited


  3. ignominy/ ignominiousdeep personal humiliation or disgrace


  4. mutabilitycontradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action


  5. apprehensivehaving awareness or knowledge/ viewing the future with anxiety or alarm


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