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  1. Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
  2. hatshepsut
  3. Hebrews
  4. Harappan civilization
  5. Vaisyas
  1. a new kingdom, stepson tried to irraticate her, 1st female ruler
  2. b An ancient civilization that developed along the Indus River.
  3. c Farmers and merchants
  4. d A group of people who believed in Judaism.
  5. e 2 rivers located in Mesopotamia

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  1. a geographical area of fertile land in the Middle East stretching in a broad semicircle from the Nile to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
  2. Chinese defensive fortifications intended to keep out the nomadic invaders for the north. Initiated during Qin dynasty and region of Shi Huangdi
  3. egyptian writing, three elementes; express ideas, represent sounds depicted objects, only used in pyramids and tombs
  4. One of chief region in India. River located in India
  5. Moral duty hinduism

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  1. PyramidsMonumental architecture. Pharaohs buried under.


  2. dynastyfamily of rulers


  3. Sudrasbuddha's teaching


  4. Indo-Europeanpeople from Europe. aka. Hittites or Aryans


  5. AristocracyGovernment ruled by an upper class


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