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  1. Pyramids
  2. Black Land
  3. Dharma (Buddhism)
  4. Eightfold path
  5. Monotheism
  1. a Hinduism wheel of law that contains eight steps for elimination suffering
  2. b Belief in one god
  3. c Rich flood soil along the Nile
  4. d Monumental architecture. Pharaohs buried under.
  5. e fundamental law of the universe

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  1. A group of people who believed in Judaism.
  2. A natural barrier protecting Egypt. Waterfall
  3. state of changeless bliss that hindus achieve by living a life of religious devotion and moral integrity without any interest in wordly pleasures
  4. Established in 221BCE at the end of the Warring States period following the decline if the Zhou dynasty. Fell in 207 BCE.
  5. Creator of the major Indian and Asian region; born in the 6th century BCE as son of local ruler among Aryan tribes located near the Himalayas; became ascetic; found enlightenment under bo tree; taught that enlightment could be achieved only by abandoning desires for all earthly things

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  1. Han Wudimost important ruler of the Babylonian empire responsible for codification of law


  2. katribal chieftan (prince) of Aryans, assisted with the tribal council, formed elite warrior caste, power based on ability to protect tribe, first prince choosen by Brahman


  3. Monsoonsseasonal winds crossing indian subcontinent and southeast during summer brings rains


  4. Book of the DeadThe divine source for political legitimacy of Chinese rulers. Established by Zhou to justify overthrow of Shang


  5. Code of Hammurabibased on retribution divided by social classes covered every aspect of life set down rules and punishments


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