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  1. Brahman
  2. Book of the Dead
  3. Monotheism
  4. Sanskrit
  5. dynasty
  1. a One supreme power in hinduism
  2. b Acted as a moral code for the people of Egypt. For reincarnation.
  3. c sacred Hindu language developed by the Aryans in the Indus Valley
  4. d family of rulers
  5. e Belief in one god

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  1. Founder of Maurya dynasty; established first empire in Indian subcontinent; first centralized government since the Harrapan civilization
  2. process of slow drying a dead body to prevent it from rotting
  3. dynasty established in Indian subcontinent in the 4th century B.C.E following invasion by alexander the great
  4. Established in 221BCE at the end of the Warring States period following the decline if the Zhou dynasty. Fell in 207 BCE.
  5. helped the pharaoh, "steward of the whole land", in charge of the government bureaucracy

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  1. Babylonian Empirea group of countries under a single authority with an emperor as the leader.


  2. NirvanaIndo-European nomadic pastoralists who replaced Harappan civilization; militrized society


  3. Sudrasbuddha's teaching


  4. Hammurabimost important ruler of the Babylonian empire responsible for codification of law


  5. Silk RoadNetwork of roads through central Asia where silk and other luxury items were traded. Most trade was carried by nomadic merchants. Ideas were also traded.


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