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  1. ka
  2. City-state
  3. Nile River
  4. Nirvana
  5. Pyramids
  1. a the spiritual half of, the body which the egyptians believed could return
  2. b Buddhism release from human life and its problems
  3. c Monumental architecture. Pharaohs buried under.
  4. d River located in Egypt
  5. e A form of political organization typical of Mesopotamia consisted of agriculture ruled by a king

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  1. buddha of the enlighted one, creater of buddhism
  2. Originally a vassal family of Shang China; possibly Turkic in origin. Overthrew Shang and established second historical Chinese dynasty.
  3. Respect and worship for parents and ancestors, esp. for man head of the household.
  4. fundamental law of the universe
  5. A writer in early civilizations

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  1. great sphinxDynasty that succedded the Kushans in the 3rd century C.E; built the empire that extended to all but the southern regions of the indian subcontinent; less centralized than Mauryan empire


  2. Cataractegyptian king


  3. Fertile Crescentthird set of laws governing Buddhist thought


  4. Indo-EuropeanRiver located in Egypt


  5. Qin Shi HuangdiFounder of the Qin dynasty in 221 BCE.


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