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  1. Indo-European
  2. ka
  3. Babylonian Empire
  4. vizier
  5. filial piety
  1. a people from Europe. aka. Hittites or Aryans
  2. b Respect and worship for parents and ancestors, esp. for man head of the household.
  3. c Unified of all of Mesopotamia c. 1800 BCE collapsed due to foreign invasion 1600 BCE conquered Akkadians
  4. d the spiritual half of, the body which the egyptians believed could return
  5. e helped the pharaoh, "steward of the whole land", in charge of the government bureaucracy

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  1. uses same principles as hieroglyphics but less complex used in everyday life, business transactions, and record keeping
  2. One of chief region in India. River located in India
  3. egyptian king
  4. Network of roads through central Asia where silk and other luxury items were traded. Most trade was carried by nomadic merchants. Ideas were also traded.
  5. grandson of Chandragupta Maurya; completed conquests of Indian subcontinent converted to Buddhism and sponsered spread of new religion throughout his entire empire

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  1. mastabasstone shrines built to house personal possesions; preserved buddhist architecture


  2. Qin dynastyOriginally a vassal family of Shang China; possibly Turkic in origin. Overthrew Shang and established second historical Chinese dynasty.


  3. dynastyfamily of rulers


  4. City-stateA natural barrier protecting Egypt. Waterfall


  5. KshatriyasWarriors section of the caste system


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