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  1. pescado frito
  2. De primer/segundo plato
  3. el flan
  4. Tener hambre/sed
  5. la merluza en salsa verde
  1. a fried fish
  2. b creme caramel
  3. c To be hungry/thirsty
  4. d hake in parsley and white wine sauce
  5. e for starter/main course

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  1. Garlic soup
  2. fillet of veal
  3. pork chop with vegetables
  4. I like
  5. broad beans with ham

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  1. la tarta de quesoGarlic soup


  2. los postressquid


  3. helados de...fried fish


  4. Las lentejas con chorizoLentils with sausage


  5. el agua mineral con gas/sin gasLentils with sausage


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