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  1. Behavior that an animal has learned in response to the conditioned response to the conditioned stimulus
  2. Invariably prompts a certain reaction. EX: Food prompts salvation
  3. Fairly specific patterns of behavior in the presence of well-defined stimuli
  4. Process by which experience or practice results in relatively permanent change in behavior or potential behavior
  5. Results from unconditioned stimulus. EX: Whenever a dog is given food, its mouth waters
  6. The theory of "reinforcers" and "punishers"

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  1. ReinforcersConsequences that decrease the chances that a behavior will be repeated


  2. Avoidance TrainingHaving people avoid doing things by threatening a punishment; therefor, not actually punishing


  3. Negative ReinforcersAdding something rewarding to the environment such as food or pleasant music


  4. Desensitization TherapyBeing able to overcome fears by learning to remain calm


  5. Operant BehaviorConsequences that decrease the chances that a behavior will be repeated


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