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  1. bronchiol/o
  2. pleur/o
  3. paroxysmal
  4. -ole
  5. expiration
  1. a little
  2. b bronchiole
  3. c breathing air OUT of lungs
  4. d pleura
  5. e occurring in sudden, periodic attacks or recurrence of symptoms

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  1. form of pneumoconiosis resulting from inhalation of the dust in stone, stand, quartz, or flint that contains silica.
  2. lung
  3. deficiency of oxygen
  4. supplying oxygen to all body cells and removing carbon dioxide
  5. increase in the size of alveoli and destructive changes in their walls (resulting in difficulty in breathing)

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  1. aphoniabreathing


  2. lob/ooxygen


  3. pneumoconiosisinhalation of dust particles into lungs


  4. epiglott/oepiglottis


  5. per-through


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