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The process of translation can be broken down into three basic steps. Which of the following is NOT one of these?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of genetic material?

It is metabolized as the chief source of cellular energy

The process of manufacturing RNA from template DNA is


New bacterial characteristics are being produced by splicing strands of


In transcription, the base thymine in DNA will pair opposite the base ____ in mRNA.


If the sequence of bases in mRNA is U, C, A, the sequence of bases in DNA is

A, G, and T

This occurs when insertions or deletions cause the ribosome to read the wrong sets of three nucleotides.


A change in a base in a DNA strand can be caused by

A mutagenic agent

A single-stranded, straight chain copy of a coding strand of DNA that comes from the process of transcription is


Which one of the following correctly describes the way in which DNA works?

DNA makes mRNA which directs where tRNA places amino acids

In the process of DNA replication, adenine will pair with


Nucleic acid is found

In all living cells

A codon calls for the placement of an individual

Amino acid

Rearranging a series of genes is a

Chromosomal mutation

DNA nucleotide sequences that indicate when RNA polymerase should finish making an RNA molecule are called

Termination sequences

The molecule that carries the message of the gene from the nucleus to the ribosome is


The terms exon and intron are best associated with


Asp, Gln, Leu, and Phe are all abbreviations for

Amino acids

The beginning codon of an mRNA strand to produce a protein is a(n)

Initiator / start codon

What is the term used to describe segments of eukaryotic pre-mRNA that are removed in the final synthesis of mature mRNA?


Treatments for HIV take advantage of vulnerable points in the retrovirus's life cycle. The drugs would not fall into categories: (1), (2), and (3)

None of these is true

There are four types of chromosomal aberrations. Which of the following does NOT belong in this group?


Which of these originally tells where an amino acid is to be positioned in a protein?


____ code(s) for the placement of one amino acid.

Three nucleotides

Which one of the following does NOT apply to RNA?

The sugar is deoxyribose

If a bacterial protein contains 150 amino acids, there would be how many codons in the specification to construct it?


In the mRNA codons, UUU encodes for phenylalanine (Phe), AGU encodes for serine (Ser), UGG encodes for tryptophan (Try), and CGA encodes for arginine (Arg). The DNA base sequence to encode for a protein try-arg-ser would be


Which of the following does NOT display the base pairing rule?

U with D

During transcription, free nucleotides of RNA bond with ____ nucleotides.


Both a base and a phosphate are attached ____ in a nucleotide.

To a sugar

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