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  1. A blood smear prepared from an EDTA specimen should be made
  2. Neonatal screening for this disorder is required by law in the United States
  3. Which of the following equipment is used to collect a manuel packed cell volume test
  4. A capillary puncture that parallels the whorls of teh fingerprint will
  5. Which of the following collection devices fill by capillary action
  1. a C. hematocrit tubes
  2. b D. within 1 hour of specimen collection
  3. c C. microhematocrit tube
  4. d A. allow blood to run down the finger
  5. e D.PKU

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  1. D. narrow-bore capillary tubes
  2. B. glucose
  3. B. lancet
  4. C. heel
  5. B. results are much more accurate than ABG'S

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  1. An infant may require a blood transfusion if blood levels of this substance exxceed 18 mg/dl.A. at the dermal-subcutaneous junction


  2. A blood smear is required for this testA. manual differential


  3. Which of the following capillary puncture techniques is incorrectC. press the lancet down into the skin so it does not slip


  4. According to CLSI, depth of heel puncture should not exceedB. 42 C


  5. The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is toA. invert it gently


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