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  1. Neonatal screening is the teseting of
  2. One purpose of wiping away the first drop of blood during capillary specimen collection is to
  3. This is the abbreviation for pulmonary function test
  4. It is necessary to control the depth of lancet insertion during heel puncture to avoid
  5. The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is to
  1. a C. newborns for certin disorders
  2. b B. injuring the calcaneus
  3. c A. invert it gently
  4. d B. reduce tissue fluid contamination
  5. e B. CBG

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  1. B. be bluish in color
  2. A. between 0.35 and 0.82 mm deep
  3. A. manual differential
  4. B. dehydrated
  5. A. interstitial fluid

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  1. Which of the following patient conditions would make capillary puncture a good choice for specimen collectionC. warm,clean,puncture,wipe,collect


  2. What is the purpose of warming the site before capillary punctureB. increase the flow of blood


  3. Neonatal screening for this disorder is required by law in the United StatesA. manual differential


  4. The distance between the skin surface and the bone in the end segment of a finger isA. shortest at the side and the tip


  5. Reference values for this test are higher for capillary specimenB. increase the flow of blood


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