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  1. Which of the following patient conditions would make capillary puncture a good choice for specimen collection
  2. Capillary puncture is a poor choice for specimen collection if the patient is
  3. Which of the following is normally a proper site for finger puncture on an adult
  4. Which color-coded microtube would be used to collect a CBC
  5. Which of the following is a newborn screening test
  1. a B. latrogenic anemia
  2. b C. lavender
  3. c B. dehydrated
  4. d B. GALT
  5. e A. distal segment of the middle from a list of finger

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  1. B. failing to protect the specimen from light
  2. A. manual differential
  3. C. Osteomyelitis
  4. A. help mix the anticoagulant
  5. D. phalanx

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  1. This test is typically performed on capillary bloodC. PKU


  2. Strong repetitive pressure,such as squeezing or milking a site during capillary specimen collectionA. CBG


  3. This is a sharp-pointed device used to make capillary puncturesB. lancet


  4. Blood collected by puncturing the skin is called capillary blood becauseB. it is from the dermal capillary bed


  5. "Areterialized" meansD. inflammation of the bone anad cartilage


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