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  1. During multisample capillary specimen collection, blood smears and edta specimens are obtained before other specimens to minimize
  2. A blood smear is required for this test
  3. Which of the following equipment is used to collect a manuel packed cell volume test
  4. The composition of blood obtained by capillary puncture more closely resembles
  5. Falsely decreased bilirubin results can be caused by
  1. a C. microhematocrit tube
  2. b A. manual differential
  3. c B. failing to protect the specimen from light
  4. d A. effects of platelet aggregation
  5. e A. arterial blood

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  1. D. the thinnest area of a blood film
  2. C. malaria
  3. A. low hemoglobin
  4. C. isopropanol contamination of the specimen
  5. C. lavender

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  1. This is a term foer the bottom surface of the heelC. heel


  2. Which statement concerning capillary blood gases is untrueA. they are coated with lithium heparin


  3. In an infants heel, the area of the vascular bed that is rich in capillary loops is locatedB. increase the flow of blood


  4. If collected by capillary punctures,which of the following specimens should be collected in an amber miicrotube?B. 42 C


  5. Capillary puncture is a poor choice for specimen collection if the patient isB. dehydrated


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