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  1. Which of the following statements most accuratley describes capillary puncture blood
  2. Iron filings used in capillary blood gas collection
  3. Which capillary specimen should be collected separately?
  4. Which of the following would be excluded blood from from a list of reasons why capillary puncture is the..Preferred method to obtain blood from infants and children
  5. After making a blood smear
  1. a D. potassium
  2. b B. results on capillary specimens are more accurate
  3. c A. a mix of nervous,aterial, and capillary blood
  4. d B. let it dry natrually
  5. e A. help mix the anticoagulant

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  1. A. at the dermal-subcutaneous junction
  2. A. invert it gently
  3. A. interstitial fluid
  4. B. lancet
  5. C. medial plantar heel

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  1. If the phlebotomist makes a blood smear that is too short, he or she should try again andA. manual differential


  2. Which test must be collected by enipuncturesA. blood cultures


  3. A microcollection container is sometimes called aA. bullet


  4. Whorls as related to capillary puncture areA. blood cultures


  5. Which of the following sites would normally be elimnated as a capillary puncture site?A. distal segment of the middle from a list of finger


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