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  1. Which of the following collection devices fill by capillary action
  2. What is the purpose of warming the site before capillary puncture
  3. Situations that require a venipuncture insted of capillary punctures include when a
  4. Which of the following sites would normally be elimnated as a capillary puncture site?
  5. The distance between the skin surface and the bone in the end segment of a finger is
  1. a A. shortest at the side and the tip
  2. b C. hematocrit tubes
  3. c B. light blue top tube has been ordered
  4. d A. index finger of a woman
  5. e B. increase the flow of blood

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  1. D. spiral patterns of finger prints
  2. C. has a feathered edge
  3. C. newborns for certin disorders
  4. D. all of the above
  5. A. CBG

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  1. In an infants heel, the area of the vascular bed that is rich in capillary loops is locatedA. between 0.35 and 0.82 mm deep


  2. If the phlebotomist makes a blood smear that is too short, he or she should try again andA. decrease the angle of the spreader slide


  3. "Feather" is a term used to describe the appearance ofD. the thinnest area of a blood film


  4. Errors in capillary glucose results have attributed toB. failing to protect the specimen from light


  5. Hemolysis of a capillary specimen can erroneously elevate results for this testD. potassium


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