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  1. Which of the following equipment is used to collect a manuel packed cell volume test
  2. A blood smear is
  3. This is a term foer the bottom surface of the heel
  4. Reference values for this test are higher for capillary specimen
  5. An infant may require a blood transfusion if blood levels of this substance exxceed 18 mg/dl.
  1. a D. plantar
  2. b C. microhematocrit tube
  3. c B. blood spread out a microscope slide
  4. d B. glucose
  5. e A. bilirubin

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  1. C. Osteomyelitis
  2. B. can hemolyze and contaminate specimens
  3. A. CBG
  4. A. apply bandages
  5. B. because results can vary by specimen source

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  1. The temprature of heel warming devices should never exceedD. plantar


  2. It is inappropriate to apply a bandage to a capillary puncture site on an infant or child younger thadn 2 years of age because it canD. all of the above


  3. Falsely decreased bilirubin results can be caused byC. isopropanol contamination of the specimen


  4. During multisample capillary specimen collection, blood smears and edta specimens are obtained before other specimens to minimizeA. effects of platelet aggregation


  5. Which of the following sites would normally be elimnated as a capillary puncture site?A. index finger of a woman


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