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  1. If the following tests are collected from a patient by capillary puncture, which test specimen is collected first?
  2. Which of the following actions taken while filing micocollection tubes would be considered incrrect technique
  3. A differential test is unable to determine
  4. A recommended capillary puncture site on children 2 years of age or older is on the
  5. Which color-coded microtube would be used to collect a CBC
  1. a B. scooping up blood as it runs down the finger
  2. b B. CBC
  3. c C. pad of a middle finger
  4. d C. lavender
  5. e B. packed cell volume

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  1. D. narrow-bore capillary tubes
  2. C. press the lancet down into the skin so it does not slip
  3. B. lancet
  4. A. all of the above
  5. B. heparin

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  1. The composition of blood obtained by capillary puncture more closely resemblesA. arterial blood


  2. Blood collected by puncturing the skin is called capillary blood becauseC. PKU


  3. A microcollection container is sometimes called aA. bullet


  4. An acceptable routine blood smearB. be bluish in color


  5. The temprature of heel warming devices should never exceedB. 2.0


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