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  1. Situations that require a venipuncture insted of capillary punctures include when a
  2. "Feather" is a term used to describe the appearance of
  3. Which of the following can result in microclot formation in a specimen collected in an anticoagulant microtube
  4. If venous blood is placed in a microtube, it is important to
  5. Iron filings used in capillary blood gas collection
  1. a A. help mix the anticoagulant
  2. b D. the thinnest area of a blood film
  3. c B. light blue top tube has been ordered
  4. d A. label it as a venous specimen
  5. e A. overfiling the tube

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  1. A. all of the above
  2. C. Osteomyelitis
  3. D. within 1 hour of specimen collection
  4. D. narrow-bore capillary tubes
  5. B. laser lancet

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  1. Proper finger puncture technique would excludeB. be bluish in color


  2. Falsely decreased bilirubin results can be caused byD. spiral patterns of finger prints


  3. Which of the following actions words associated with capillary puncture steps are in the correct order?C. warm,clean,puncture,wipe,collect


  4. A blood smear is required for this testA. manual differential


  5. Which of the following actions taken while filing micocollection tubes would be considered incrrect techniqueD. using isopropyl alcohol to clean


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