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  1. Tachypnea
  2. Complement
  3. Anoxia
  4. Aphonia
  5. Ventricular fibrillation
  1. a absence of oxygen from the body's gases, blood, or tissues
  2. b Rapid, irregular, and useless contraction of the ventricles....MAY CAUSE MANY SUDDEN CARIDAC DEATHS
  3. c Loss of the ability of the larynx to produce normal speech sounds
  4. d abnormally fast rate of respiration
  5. e Marks foreign invaders and attracts phagocytes to destoy antigens

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  1. Substance that produces an allergic reaction in an individual
  2. Abnormal sound heard when listening to the heart or neighboring large blood vessels.
  3. Term used to describe all other lymphoma's other than Hodgkin's lymphoma
  4. Localized weak spot, or balloon-like enlargement, of the wall of an artery
  5. Commonly infects wounds and causes serious problems such as toxic shock syndrome or produces food poisoning

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  1. VaricellaChickenpox


  2. Bradypneaabnormally low rate of respiration


  3. Benign TumorMechanical device for artificial ventilation of the lungs


  4. CappillariesSmallest blood vessels in the body


  5. Tinea pedisfilter pathogens and harmful substances for the lymph


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