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  1. Chrones Disease
  2. Intact tskin
  3. Metastasize
  4. Toxoplasmosis
  5. Lymphokines
  1. a Most commonly transmitted from animals to himans by contact with contaminated feces
  2. b defective resistance or abnormal responses to intestinal microbes
  3. c Spreads from one place to another
  4. d wrapos the body in a physical barrier that prevents invading organisms from enter the body
  5. e signaling between the cells of the immune system

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  1. The process of destroying pathogens by surrounding and swallowing them
  2. Most common type of White Blood Cell
  3. abnormally fast rate of respiration
  4. Cavity located between the lungs. Contains connective tissue andorgans, including the heart andi ts veins and arteries, the esophagus, trachea, bronchi, the thymus gland, and lymph nodes
  5. Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleural space

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  1. PhonBreath


  2. HemolyticThe iron-containing pigment of the erythrocytes


  3. Allergy/Hypersensitivityoverreaction by the cody to a particular antigen


  4. Non-Hodgkins LymphomaTerm used to describe all other lymphoma's other than Hodgkin's lymphoma


  5. Chronic BronchitisAirways have become inflamed and thickened, an increase in the number and size of mucus-producing cells


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