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  1. Aphonia
  2. Tachypnea
  3. Vascular surgeon
  4. Hematologist
  5. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
  1. a Term used to describe all other lymphoma's other than Hodgkin's lymphoma
  2. b abnormally fast rate of respiration
  3. c physician who specializes in the diagnosis, medical management, and surgical treatment of disorders of the blood vessels
  4. d physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating abnormalities, diseases, and disorders of the bloodand blood forming tissues....Hemat=blood and -ologist=specialist
  5. e Loss of the ability of the larynx to produce normal speech sounds

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  1. Located within the interventricular septum
  2. Chronic condition in which the heart is unable to pump out all of the blood that it receives
  3. Portable electrocardiograph that is worn by an ambulatory patient to coninuously monitor the heart rates and rhythms over a 24-hour period
  4. abnormal buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood
  5. Abnormal sound heard when listening to the heart or neighboring large blood vessels.

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  1. ToxoplasmosisSudden blockage of a blood vessel by an embolus


  2. Glandularisn't affected


  3. Cheyne-Stokes respirationThe exchange of gases within the cells of the bhody organs, cells, and tissues


  4. Hodgkin's Lymphomaaka Hodgkin's disease, distinguished from other lymphomas by the presence of large, cancerous lymphocytes know as Reed-Sternberg cells


  5. -ectasisProtect and lubricates these tissues...Helps to moisten, war, and filter the air as it enters


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