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  1. Bias
  2. Overjustification effect
  3. Positive Punishment
  4. Extinction
  5. Storage
  1. a stimulus is removed → increases likelihood of behavior
  2. b distorting influences of present knowledge beliefs, and feelings on recollection of previous experiences
  3. c gradual elimination of a learned response that occurs when US is no longer presented (dog does not respond to food but does to tone)
  4. d the process of maintaining information in memory over time
  5. e external rewards undermine the intrinsic satisfaction of performing a behavior (children draw pictures and are given external awards vs. children that draw and do not receive external awards. The external awards were taken away and the 1st set of children were less motivated to draw)

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  1. behaviors that are followed by a "satisfying state of affairs" tend to be repeated and those that produce an "unpleasant state of affairs" are less likely to be repeated
  2. process of keeping information in short term memory by repeating it
  3. sound of words
  4. stimulus is presented → decreases likelihood of behavior
  5. a network of associated facts and concepts that make up our general knowledge of the world (implicit)

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  1. Spontaneous recoverythe tendency of a learned behavior to recover from extinction after a rest period


  2. Prospective memoryoccurs when past experiences influence later behavior and performance, even though people are not trying to recollect them and are not aware that they are remembering them


  3. Fixed Ratioreinforcers are presented at fixed time periods, provided that the appropriate response is made


  4. Intermittent Reinforcement effectwhen only some of the responses made are followed by reinforcement


  5. Unconditioned stimulussomething that reliably produces a naturally occurring reaction in an organism (plate of food)


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