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  1. Variable Interval
  2. Consequence of Retrieval
  3. Fixed Ratio
  4. Conditioned response
  5. Positive Reinforcement
  1. a Retrieval can improve subsequent memory, Retrieval can impair subsequent memory
  2. b behavior is reinforced based on an average time that has expired since the last reinforcement
  3. c a reaction that resembles an unconditioned response but it is produced by a conditioned stimulus (salivating from a buzzer)
  4. d stimulus is presented → increases likelihood of behavior
  5. e reinforcement is delivered after a specific number of responses has been made

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  1. inability to retrieve information that was acquired before a particular date, usually the date of an injury or operation
  2. external information that is associated with stored information and helps bring it to mind
  3. the ability to store and retrieve information over time
  4. process of categorizing information according to the relationships among a series of items (waitresses) → upper surface of the left frontal lobe
  5. holds non sensory information for more than a few seconds but less than a minute

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  1. Encodingfailure to retrieve information that is available in memory even though you are trying to produce it (Munsters and Addams Family)


  2. Reconsolidationprocess by which memories become stable in the brain


  3. Transienceforgetting what occurs with the passage of time → occurs during the storage phase of memory, after it is encoded, but before it is retrieved


  4. Retrievalthe process of bringing to mind information that has been previously encoded and stored


  5. Semantic memorya network of associated facts and concepts that make up our general knowledge of the world (implicit)


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