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Psychology: Memory and Learning Test

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  1. Spontaneous recovery
  2. Overjustification effect
  3. Organizational encoding
  4. Rhyme judgments
  5. Memory
  1. a the tendency of a learned behavior to recover from extinction after a rest period
  2. b external rewards undermine the intrinsic satisfaction of performing a behavior (children draw pictures and are given external awards vs. children that draw and do not receive external awards. The external awards were taken away and the 1st set of children were less motivated to draw)
  3. c process of categorizing information according to the relationships among a series of items (waitresses) → upper surface of the left frontal lobe
  4. d sound of words
  5. e the ability to store and retrieve information over time

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  1. behaviors that are followed by a "satisfying state of affairs" tend to be repeated and those that produce an "unpleasant state of affairs" are less likely to be repeated
  2. Little Albert → presented with stimuli (white rat, then loud bar to make him cry)
  3. a stimulus that is initially neutral and produces no reliable response in an organism (buzzer)
  4. the fact that operant behaviors that are maintained under intermittent reinforcement schedules resist extinction better than those maintained under continuous reinforcement
  5. refers to the gradual acquisition of skills as a result of practice or "knowing how" to do things (implicit memory)

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  1. Negativestimulus is removed


  2. Negative Reinforcementstimulus is presented → increases likelihood of behavior


  3. Persistenceintrusive recollection of events that we wish we could forget


  4. False recognitionLittle Albert → presented with stimuli (white rat, then loud bar to make him cry)


  5. Semantic memorya network of associated facts and concepts that make up our general knowledge of the world (implicit)


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