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  1. Negative Punishment
  2. Fixed Interval
  3. Procedural memory
  4. Long term potentiation
  5. Punisher
  1. a (LTP) process whereby communication across the synapse between neurons strengthens the connection, making further communication easier
  2. b reinforcers are presented at fixed time periods, provided that the appropriate response is made
  3. c refers to the gradual acquisition of skills as a result of practice or "knowing how" to do things (implicit memory)
  4. d any stimulus or event that functions to decrease the likelihood of the behavior that led to it
  5. e stimulus is removed → decreases likelihood of behavior

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  1. external information that is associated with stored information and helps bring it to mind
  2. behavior is reinforced based on an average time that has expired since the last reinforcement
  3. meaning of words
  4. process of categorizing information according to the relationships among a series of items (waitresses) → upper surface of the left frontal lobe
  5. is a process by which retrieving an item from long-term memory impairs subsequent recall of related items

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  1. Conditioned responsea reaction that resembles an unconditioned response but it is produced by a conditioned stimulus (salivating from a buzzer)


  2. Learningacquisition of new knowledge, skills, or responses from experience that result in a relatively permanent change in the state of the learner


  3. Ebbinghaus's learning curvebehavior is reinforced based on an average time that has expired since the last reinforcement


  4. Reconsolidationthe CR is observed even though the CS is slightly different from the original one used during acquisition


  5. Episodic memoryholds sensory information for a few seconds or less


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