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  1. Positive Punishment
  2. Fixed Interval
  3. Fear conditioning
  4. Intermittent Reinforcement effect
  5. Prospective memory
  1. a Little Albert → presented with stimuli (white rat, then loud bar to make him cry)
  2. b the fact that operant behaviors that are maintained under intermittent reinforcement schedules resist extinction better than those maintained under continuous reinforcement
  3. c reinforcers are presented at fixed time periods, provided that the appropriate response is made
  4. d remembering to do things in the future
  5. e stimulus is removed → increases likelihood of behavior

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  1. detailed recollections of when and where we heard about shocking events
  2. stimulus is removed
  3. a stimulus that is initially neutral and produces no reliable response in an organism (buzzer)
  4. later learning impairs memory for information acquired earlier
  5. behavior is reinforced based on an average time that has expired since the last reinforcement

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  1. Blockingfailure to retrieve information that is available in memory even though you are trying to produce it (Munsters and Addams Family)


  2. Suggestibilitythe phase of classical conditioning when the conditioned stimulus and the unconditioned stimulus are presented together


  3. Spontaneous recoverya network of associated facts and concepts that make up our general knowledge of the world (implicit)


  4. Episodic memorythe collection of past personal experiences that occurred at a particular time and place (implicit)


  5. Variable Ratioreinforcement is delivered after a specific number of responses has been made


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