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  1. Negative
  2. Anterograde amnesia
  3. Visual judgments
  4. Retroactive interference
  5. Chunking
  1. a combining small pieces of information into large clusters or chunks
  2. b appearance of words
  3. c later learning impairs memory for information acquired earlier
  4. d stimulus is removed
  5. e inability to transfer new information from the short term store into the long term store (results from damage to hippocampal region of brain)

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  1. stimulus is removed → increases likelihood of behavior
  2. the process of storing new information by converting it into mental pictures → visual processing regions in the occipital lobe → people enlist the visual system when forming memories based on mental images
  3. sound of words
  4. the ability to store and retrieve information over time
  5. earlier learning impairs memory for information acquired later

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  1. Rehearsalany stimulus or event that functions to increase the likelihood of the behavior that led to it


  2. Organizational encodingthe process of actively relating new information to knowledge that is already in memory (helps with long term retention) (ex. Remembering 20 experiences rather than 20 #s) → lower left part of frontal lobe and inner part of left temporal lobe → more activity in these areas results in being more likely to remember it


  3. Second-Order Conditioningconditioning where the stimulus of that functions as the US is actually the CS from an earlier procedure in which it acquired its ability to produce learning (paired black square w/ tone → dogs salivate)


  4. Memory consolidationmemories can become vulnerable to disruption when they are recalled, thus requiring them to be consolidated again


  5. Variable Ratiodelivery of reinforcement is based on a particular average number of responses


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