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  1. geology
  2. pressure
  3. density
  4. plate
  5. lithosphere
  1. a section of lithosphere that slowly moves, carrying pieces of continental and oceanic crust
  2. b amount of force pushing on a surface or area
  3. c amount of mass in a given space, mass per unit volume
  4. d study of earth
  5. e rigid layer made up of uppermost part of mantle and crust

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  1. undersea mountain chain where new ocean floor is produced; divergent plate boundary
  2. plate boundary where 2 plates move past each in opposite directions
  3. vibration that travels through earth carrying energy released during an earthquake
  4. trace of organism that has been preserved in rock
  5. layer of hot, solid material between earth's crust and core

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  1. convection currentmovement of fluid caused by differenes in temperature that transfers heat from one part to another


  2. outer coredense sphere of solid iron and nickel in center of earth


  3. radiationtransfer of heat through empty space


  4. Geologiststudy of earth


  5. constructive forceforce that builds up mountains and land masses on earth's surface


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