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  1. rock
  2. radiation
  3. scientific theory
  4. inner core
  5. deep ocean trench
  1. a transfer of heat through empty space
  2. b material that forms earth's hard surface
  3. c dense sphere of solid iron and nickel in center of earth
  4. d deep valley along ocean floor through which oceanic crust slowly sinks towards mantle
  5. e well tested concept explaining wide range of observations

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  1. movement of fluid caused by differenes in temperature that transfers heat from one part to another
  2. theory that pieces of earth's crust are in constant motion, driven by convection currents in mantle
  3. study of earth
  4. name of single landmass that broke apart 200 million years ago and gave rise to today's continents
  5. plate boundary where 2 plates move past each in opposite directions

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  1. asthenospheresoft layer of mantle that lithosphere floats on


  2. divergent boundaryplate boundary where 2 plates move towards each other


  3. continentgreat land mass surrounded by oceans


  4. basalta dark, dense rock with a fine texture found in oceanic crust


  5. subductiontransfer of heat through solid material


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