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  1. deep ocean trench
  2. scientific theory
  3. seismic wave
  4. outer core
  5. rock
  1. a material that forms earth's hard surface
  2. b layer of molten iron and nickel that surrounds inner core of earth
  3. c vibration that travels through earth carrying energy released during an earthquake
  4. d deep valley along ocean floor through which oceanic crust slowly sinks towards mantle
  5. e well tested concept explaining wide range of observations

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  1. trace of organism that has been preserved in rock
  2. hypothesis that continents slowy move across earth
  3. plate boundary where 2 plates move towards each other
  4. a dark, dense rock with a fine texture found in oceanic crust
  5. amount of force pushing on a surface or area

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  1. faultbreak in earth's crust where slabs of rock slip past each other


  2. geologystudy of earth


  3. plate tectonicssection of lithosphere that slowly moves, carrying pieces of continental and oceanic crust


  4. radiationtransfer of heat through empty space


  5. plateusually light colored rock that makes up most continental crust


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