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  1. outer core
  2. rock
  3. convergent boundary
  4. conduction
  5. sonar
  1. a plate boundary where 2 plates move towards each other
  2. b transfer of heat through solid material
  3. c layer of molten iron and nickel that surrounds inner core of earth
  4. d material that forms earth's hard surface
  5. e device that determines distance of an object by recording echoes of sound waves

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  1. process by which molten material adds new oceanic crust to ocean floor
  2. amount of mass in a given space, mass per unit volume
  3. transfer of heat through empty space
  4. deep valley along ocean floor through which oceanic crust slowly sinks towards mantle
  5. well tested concept explaining wide range of observations

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  1. divergent boundaryplate boundary where 2 plates move away from each other


  2. geologystudy of earth


  3. crustthe layer of rock that forms earth's outer surface


  4. mantlelayer of hot, solid material between earth's crust and core


  5. seismic wavevibration that travels through earth carrying energy released during an earthquake


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