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  1. febrile
  2. eclectic
  3. fractious
  4. ne plus ultra
  5. maleficence
  1. a the highest possible embodiment (of something)
  2. b unruly
  3. c The undertaking of evil or harmful acts. That which is mischevious or rooted in ill.
  4. d choosing from various sources
  5. e feverish

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  1. rashness, boldness
  2. injustice
  3. very destructive
  4. a conspirational or secret understanding entered into for an illicit or fraudulent end
  5. relating to money

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  1. obfuscateto proclaim or announce


  2. vacuouslacking intelligence


  3. annunciateto confuse


  4. causticchoosing from various sources


  5. incipientinjustice


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