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  1. iniquity
  2. ne plus ultra
  3. pecuniary
  4. obfuscate
  5. febrile
  1. a injustice
  2. b to confuse
  3. c the highest possible embodiment (of something)
  4. d feverish
  5. e relating to money

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  1. beginning; in an early stage
  2. rashness, boldness
  3. To deny; declare false
  4. easy to shape or bend
  5. choosing from various sources

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  1. nemesisan opponent motivated by revenge


  2. egregiousvery destructive


  3. causticchoosing from various sources


  4. annunciateto proclaim or announce


  5. collusiona conspirational or secret understanding entered into for an illicit or fraudulent end


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