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  1. East Texas became important to the Spanish after which country started to explore the area?
  2. Why did the Pueblo Revolt occur?
  3. Where was La Salle going to build his colony?
  4. El Camino Real
  5. Pueblo Revolt
  1. a Mouth of the Mississippi River
  2. b forced settlers out of New Mexico
  3. c France
  4. d Spanish had tried to force the indians to give up their spiritual beilefs.
  5. e "Royal Road" that led from East Texas missions to Mexico City

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  1. expansion of an ongoing conflict between France and Spain in Texas
  2. to smooth the relations between Indians and missionaries.
  3. official who served as mayor, sheriff, and judge in Spanish settlements in Texas
  4. name used for Hasinai Indians
  5. mission built by the Spanish in East Texas that ended in failure

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  1. San Antonio de Valero"Royal Road" that led from East Texas missions to Mexico City


  2. What the economy of the missions?Some ranchos were privately owned, but many belonged to the missions.


  3. What were the three European countries exploring in North America?thin cereal


  4. What did the missionaries eat every day in the mission?thin cereal


  5. Who built San Fernando de Bexar?mission built on the San Antonio River


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