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  1. Renacimiento
  2. período formativo (fechas aproximadas)
  3. El hundimiento de los barcos
  4. el mito de Quetzalcóalt
  5. los olmecas
  1. a Desarollo en Veracruz. Cabezas gigantes de piedra, esculturas de jade con rasgo etnicos y felinos. Cultura madre de toda la region.
  2. b El dios de la serpiente emplumada, simboliza la union del elemento material, terrestre, representado por la serpriente, y el aspecto celestial, representado por las plumas del quetzal. Solo exigia flores y mariposas.
  3. c Revolution era of artistic and dramatic progress in the scientific concoction. People were more concerned about the fate of life here on earth instead of going after death., Cultivated the humanities and the man represents the intellect and action with a lot of knowledge, is a scholar but also a man of action.The Renaissance also gives boost to settlement and there is an extreme nationalism which rejects everything that is not Christian or Spanish, hence the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, of the Moors in 1609 and the persecutions of the Inquisition.
  4. d 1500 AC-300 DC
  5. e Cortes sink all boats less than one so you can send letters to Charles V

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  1. April 17, 1492, Columbus begs and gets the territories that to be granted be discovered perpetual and hereditary title of Admiral, like that of D. Alonso Enriquez had in Castile Columbus kings named his viceroy and governor-general, get a percentage of the goods of the Americas. (a contract between the kings and Colon)
  2. "clans" or districts to organize the city and the Aztec culture
  3. After Huayna Capac died; there was a civil war between his two sons. He was the older brother and was heir to the throne., fought brother in civil war for leader of Inca, killed shortly before Pizarro's arrival
  4. Adelantado y gobernador de Cuba y el jefe de Cortes
  5. On the way to Tenochtitlan interview with rebel populations (especially Tlaxcala) and recruits his favor. In Cholula participates in a battle that killed many Indians. The law of demand says that every person who finds the Indians should tell the history of Spain after asking to be part of Spain and Carlos V. subjective If the Indians do not want to make subjective Espanoles then can use military force.

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  1. el imperio de los Incaswas necessary not only to conquer territory but to integrate their people into a common culture. He imposed their language, Quechua, and its official religion, worship the sun god


  2. período posclásico (fechas aproximadas)300-650/900 DC


  3. Inti, Viracocha, PachamacSe establecieron al norte y al centro de México, con su centro en la cuidade de Tula. Retomaron y elaboraron el mito de la partida y el regreso del dios Quetzalcóalt (serpiente emplumada) bajo el hechizo de Tezcatlipoca, dios del sacrificio humano. El príncipe Topitzín asume su identidad (987 D.C.). Civilización avanzada y admirada con grandes logros artísticos. Cae en el siglo XII bajo las invasiones migratorias de chichimecas del norte.


  4. el Diario de Navegación: descripción del indígena Americanostudy at the University of Salamanca. Study to become a notary two years but did not finish the race. Shipped to the Spanish at 19 years.


  5. Cuzcoin Incan society, a small community or family group whose members worked together for the common good of the peoples.


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