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  1. la mentalidad medieval de Colón
  2. Cajamarca
  3. el sitio de Tenochtitlán (fechas, estrategia, armamento, tropas)
  4. quipus
  5. Institución de la encomienda
  1. a Colon thought that came to the Indian and could not believe I get to a new world. Says fantasies that were obviously not there.
  2. b system threads and knots to count and keep records
  3. c where Inca emperor Atahualpa was camped with his army; gave Spaniards the only building in the city as their headquarters.the city where Atahualpa was left before entering Cuzco. Site famous for its thermal baths. Here Pizzarro conquest of the Inca empire.
  4. d Rearrange a new army that includes 900 Spanish soldiers, 150,000 indigenous rebel against the Aztecs, 86 horses and thirteen brigs (small ships). Performs site (siege) of Tenochtitlan from April to August 1521. Defeat the new emperor Cuautehmoc with the help of a smallpox epidemic that settles the Aztec population.
  5. e institution to put the "Indians" to work for Spain to build all the buildings and search for gold and silver

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  1. 15 de noviembre de 1518 sale al golfo de Mexico.
  2. segunda expedicion bajo Diego Velazquez que explora la costa de golfo de Mexico en 1518. (Yucatan)
  3. . Son figures donde se hacen sacrificios para los dioses, tal vez sacrificios humanos.
  4. He had to leave to confront in Veracruz expedition of Panfilo Narvaez. Velasquez Narvaez sent Cortes to capture and bring him to Santiago to face trial for sedition. Cortes defeats Narvaez and persuades her 800 soldiers to join him.
  5. Se establecieron al norte y al centro de México, con su centro en la cuidade de Tula. Retomaron y elaboraron el mito de la partida y el regreso del dios Quetzalcóalt (serpiente emplumada) bajo el hechizo de Tezcatlipoca, dios del sacrificio humano. El príncipe Topitzín asume su identidad (987 D.C.). Civilización avanzada y admirada con grandes logros artísticos. Cae en el siglo XII bajo las invasiones migratorias de chichimecas del norte.

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  1. reducción (conquista) de la isla de CubaApril 17, 1492, Columbus begs and gets the territories that to be granted be discovered perpetual and hereditary title of Admiral, like that of D. Alonso Enriquez had in Castile Columbus kings named his viceroy and governor-general, get a percentage of the goods of the Americas. (a contract between the kings and Colon)


  2. Santo Oficinal de la Inquisición
    (Holy officinal of the Inquisition)
    The Vatican gave the king the power to appoint priests in Spain and the Americas.


  3. Manco Capac y Mama OclloIn this lake, the Aztecs settled. Full of snakes, the Aztecs kept the word of Huitzilopotchtli and establish their capital there.


  4. Atahualpain Incan society, a small community or family group whose members worked together for the common good of the peoples.


  5. Huáscarthe cradle of the Inca empire. (valley of Cuzco)


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