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  1. Renacimiento
  2. los maya del período clásico
  3. Inti, Viracocha, Pachamac
  4. Atahualpa
  5. Primera carta de relación a Carlos V
  1. a He wrote to Charles V first letter regarding realizing their plan to meet with Moctezuma. Destroys all ships except one, in it sends the letter to Charles V in Spain. Cortes then manipulates the law of the empire to advance because the soldiers named it name like that.
  2. b Inti Sun god of the Incas who believed he was the parent and they were children of the sun,

    Viracocha: Incan god, creator of the people of the Andes,
    Pachamac -Incan god his name ment lord of the earth
  3. c Revolution era of artistic and dramatic progress in the scientific concoction. People were more concerned about the fate of life here on earth instead of going after death., Cultivated the humanities and the man represents the intellect and action with a lot of knowledge, is a scholar but also a man of action.The Renaissance also gives boost to settlement and there is an extreme nationalism which rejects everything that is not Christian or Spanish, hence the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, of the Moors in 1609 and the persecutions of the Inquisition.
  4. d Inca ruler who was tricked into a conference by Francisco Pizarro, tried to ransom himself with a hoard of gold, and was executed by garroting. The Spaniards then fought their way to Cuzco and conquered his Empire
  5. e los mayas fueron una civilización de origen olmeca que surge en la zona del Petén @1000 AC. La región del Petén es zona selvática inhospitalaria, con grandes obstáculos para el desarrollo de una alta cultura, centro de la civilización del maya clásico. La zona maya: La zona maya comprende el sureste de México, la selva del Petén en Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, y el Salvador. Los mayas tenian un sistema

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  1. the Aztec capital on Lake Texcoco
  2. tenian un calendario con todos los dias y podian entender que se movia el sol
  3. On the way to Tenochtitlan interview with rebel populations (especially Tlaxcala) and recruits his favor. In Cholula participates in a battle that killed many Indians. The law of demand says that every person who finds the Indians should tell the history of Spain after asking to be part of Spain and Carlos V. subjective If the Indians do not want to make subjective Espanoles then can use military force.
  4. the Quechua name of the Incan empire. It means "land of four parts." The empire was divided into four units.
  5. los aztecas permitian que los lideres de los pueblos que conquistaban permanecieran en el poder si accedian a pagar un tributo y aceptar la autoridad de Tenochtitlan. El terror que inspiraba la perspectiva de un nuevo ataque azteca era un instrumento de control casi absoluto.

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  1. la Guerra de Reconquista de la penínsulaToma de Granada en 1492.


  2. La fundación de la Villa de la Vera CruzCortes burning the boats, but one founded the city of Villa de la Vera Cruz so that he could explore the coast of Mexico. Send a letter to Charles V to recognize the power of the Cortes to conquer land in the name of the king. so self-appointed captain and advance in the name of King Charles V


  3. las Capitulaciones de Santa Feurged the king to accede to the proposal of Colon and even offered to raise the funds to finance the expedition.


  4. sistema de carreteras...


  5. lago Tezcocothe cradle of the Inca empire. (valley of Cuzco)


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