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  1. la prisión de Colón
  2. Uso de la leyenda de Quetzalcóalt
  3. jerarquía social: inca, curaca, amauta, puric
  4. Atahualpa
  5. Filipa de Perestrelo
  1. a wife of Columbus, died in 1485
  2. b Use the myth of Quetzalcoatl to persuade him to receive Moctezuma in Tenochtitlan
  3. c Inca ruler who was tricked into a conference by Francisco Pizarro, tried to ransom himself with a hoard of gold, and was executed by garroting. The Spaniards then fought their way to Cuzco and conquered his Empire
  4. d ...
  5. e purics worked under foreman, ten foreman under curaca. The Inca was ahead of all

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  1. 8000 millas (actual distancia entre Portugal y Cuba)
  2. 300-650/900 DC
  3. Rearrange a new army that includes 900 Spanish soldiers, 150,000 indigenous rebel against the Aztecs, 86 horses and thirteen brigs (small ships). Performs site (siege) of Tenochtitlan from April to August 1521. Defeat the new emperor Cuautehmoc with the help of a smallpox epidemic that settles the Aztec population.
  4. Spanish grammar "tool of empire"
  5. He wrote to Charles V first letter regarding realizing their plan to meet with Moctezuma. Destroys all ships except one, in it sends the letter to Charles V in Spain. Cortes then manipulates the law of the empire to advance because the soldiers named it name like that.

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  1. Paolo ToscanelliMapper for Christopher Columbus


  2. el imperio toltecawas necessary not only to conquer territory but to integrate their people into a common culture. He imposed their language, Quechua, and its official religion, worship the sun god


  3. sistema de carreteraswife of Columbus, died in 1485


  4. Estrategias de centralización del poder bajo los Reyes Católicos
    (Strategies for centralizing power under the Catholic Monarchs)
    were all naked, very beautiful, beautiful bodies and good faces. Very generous with their food and did not use weapons. The noble savage


  5. el dios TlátocIn this lake, the Aztecs settled. Full of snakes, the Aztecs kept the word of Huitzilopotchtli and establish their capital there.


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