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  1. el dios Tlátoc
  2. Nicolás de Ovando
  3. Cajamarca
  4. El hundimiento de los barcos
  5. reducción (conquista) de la isla de Cuba
  1. a ...
  2. b Cortes sink all boats less than one so you can send letters to Charles V
  3. c El dios del agua y la lluvia.
  4. d second governor of the Spanish.
  5. e where Inca emperor Atahualpa was camped with his army; gave Spaniards the only building in the city as their headquarters.the city where Atahualpa was left before entering Cuzco. Site famous for its thermal baths. Here Pizzarro conquest of the Inca empire.

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  1. 8000 millas (actual distancia entre Portugal y Cuba)
  2. tenian un calendario con todos los dias y podian entender que se movia el sol
  3. He wrote to Charles V first letter regarding realizing their plan to meet with Moctezuma. Destroys all ships except one, in it sends the letter to Charles V in Spain. Cortes then manipulates the law of the empire to advance because the soldiers named it name like that.
  4. 8 de noviembre de 1519
  5. comuncations network that allowed them to exercise effective control over vast territories.

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  1. Filipa de Perestrelowife of Columbus, died in 1485


  2. calpullis"clans" or districts to organize the city and the Aztec culture


  3. sistema de terrazasa system of agriculture where they used the mountains


  4. Inti, Viracocha, PachamacInti Sun god of the Incas who believed he was the parent and they were children of the sun,

    Viracocha: Incan god, creator of the people of the Andes,
    Pachamac -Incan god his name ment lord of the earth


  5. las Capitulaciones de Santa Feurged the king to accede to the proposal of Colon and even offered to raise the funds to finance the expedition.


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