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  1. Hernán Cortés (datos biográficos)
  2. Uso de la leyenda de Quetzalcóalt
  3. la prisión de Colón
  4. sistema de carreteras
  5. Paolo Toscanelli
  1. a comuncations network that allowed them to exercise effective control over vast territories.
  2. b nacio en Extremadura en Espana en 1485
  3. c Use the myth of Quetzalcoatl to persuade him to receive Moctezuma in Tenochtitlan
  4. d Mapper for Christopher Columbus
  5. e ...

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  1. 650/900-1519 DC
  2. where Inca emperor Atahualpa was camped with his army; gave Spaniards the only building in the city as their headquarters.the city where Atahualpa was left before entering Cuzco. Site famous for its thermal baths. Here Pizzarro conquest of the Inca empire.
  3. institution to put the "Indians" to work for Spain to build all the buildings and search for gold and silver
  4. an ingenious method of filling wetlands or submerged lands to create new batches of fertile soil.
  5. Adelantado y gobernador de Cuba y el jefe de Cortes

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  1. los Reyes Católicos (reinos, fecha de matrimonio)Los sacrificios no se ven mucho en el periodo formativo y clasico, pero se ve much mas en el periodo postclasico.


  2. los olmecasDesarollo en Veracruz. Cabezas gigantes de piedra, esculturas de jade con rasgo etnicos y felinos. Cultura madre de toda la region.


  3. Pánfilo de NárvaezHe had to leave to confront in Veracruz expedition of Panfilo Narvaez. Velasquez Narvaez sent Cortes to capture and bring him to Santiago to face trial for sedition. Cortes defeats Narvaez and persuades her 800 soldiers to join him.


  4. la educación de Hernán Cortésinstitution to put the "Indians" to work for Spain to build all the buildings and search for gold and silver


  5. el imperio azteca (imperio tributario)was necessary not only to conquer territory but to integrate their people into a common culture. He imposed their language, Quechua, and its official religion, worship the sun god


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