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  1. How long did Sargon rule?
  2. What famous stele did the Akkadians create?
  3. What are aqueducts?
  4. The city-states where each like what?
  5. How was the economy of Babylonia helped?
  1. a The Victory Stele.
  2. b Small, independent countries
  3. c By trade. Artisans and merchants brought back things from distant places. (Ideas, too)
  4. d 56 years.
  5. e They were pipes that carried drinking and bathing water.

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  1. Code of Laws (1st written laws, 1st apply to all)
  2. 56 years
  3. A thousand years.
  4. New.
  5. to unify the empire and preserve order

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  1. Laws that were created by the will of______ were never allowed to change.gods


  2. when is the test?A military blockade and attack on a city to force it to surrender.


  3. What was the capital of the Akkadian Empire?Agade.


  4. What were some palaces built on top of?On top of hills


  5. Who decreed that a king's son would be heir to the throne?sheilds in front, spears in back between sheilds


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