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  1. linear pair (of angles)
  2. square
  3. point
  4. octagon
  5. decagon
  1. a A polygon with 8 sides
  2. b Two adjacent supplementary angles whose non-common sides form a line.
  3. c An undefined term thought of as a location with no size or dimension. It is the most basic building block of geometry. In a two-dimensional coordinate system, its location is represented by an ordered pair of numbers (x, y).
  4. d A polygon with 10 sides
  5. e An equiangular rhombus, an equilateral rectangle, a regular quadrilateral.

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  1. A polygon with no diagonal outside the polygon.
  2. A polygon with 4 sides
  3. Two or more polygons with the exact same size and shape.
  4. A quadrilateral in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.
  5. A polygon with 3 sides

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  1. side (of an angle)A line segment connecting consecutive vertices of a polygon.


  2. consecutive (angles, sides or vertices of a polygon)Two angles that share a common side, two sides that share a common vertex, or two vertices that are the endpoints of one side.


  3. angle bisectorA ray that has its endpoint at the vertex of the angle and that divides the angle into two congruent angles.


  4. equilateral polygonA polygon with no diagonal outside the polygon.


  5. major arcAn arc of a circle that is less than a semicircle.


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