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  1. rhombus
  2. concave polygon
  3. polygon
  4. adjacent angles
  5. concentric circles
  1. a A closed figure in a plane, formed by connecting line segments endpoint to endpoint with each segment intersecting exactly two others.
  2. b An equilateral parallelogram.
  3. c Circles that share the same center.
  4. d Two non-overlapping angles with a common vertex and one common side.
  5. e A polygon with at least one diagonal outside the polygon.

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  1. Two angles whose measures have the sum 180°.
  2. A triangle with three acute angles.
  3. The angle between the two congruent sides (of an isosceles triangle)
  4. A triangle whose sides are congruent.
  5. A polygon with 11 sides

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  1. obtuse triangleA triangle with three acute angles.


  2. congruent segmentsTwo or more segments that have the same measure or length.


  3. convex polygonA polygon with no diagonal outside the polygon.


  4. rectangleAn equiangular parallelogram.


  5. skew linesAn undefined term thought of as a flat surface that extends infinitely along its edges. It has length and width but no thickness, so it is two-dimensional.


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