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Geometry 1.1-1.7 Test

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  1. right angle
  2. base angles
  3. complementary angles
  4. ray
  5. rhombus
  1. a An angle whose measure is 90°.
  2. b The two angles opposite the two congruent sides. (of an isosceles triangle)
  3. c A point on a line, and all the points of the line that lie on one side of this point.
  4. d An equilateral parallelogram.
  5. e Two angles whose measures have the sum 90°.

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  1. Two or more segments that have the same measure or length.
  2. To accept as true without facts or proof.
  3. A ray that has its endpoint at the vertex of the angle and that divides the angle into two congruent angles.
  4. An equiangular parallelogram.
  5. Lines that meet at 90° angles.

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  1. pointAn undefined term thought of as a location with no size or dimension. It is the most basic building block of geometry. In a two-dimensional coordinate system, its location is represented by an ordered pair of numbers (x, y).


  2. consecutive (angles, sides or vertices of a polygon)Two angles that share a common side, two sides that share a common vertex, or two vertices that are the endpoints of one side.


  3. midpointThe point on a line segment that is the same distance from both endpoints.


  4. equiangular polygonA polygon whose sides are congruent.


  5. polygonA polygon with 6 sides


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