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  1. omnipresent
  2. inception
  3. negate
  4. "Pan"
  5. "Inceptum", "Incipio"
  1. a greek word for "all"
  2. b present everywhere
  3. c latin for "to begin"
  4. d the beginning of something
  5. e to disprove; to nullify; to rule out, to cancel, to repeal

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  1. greek for :whole"
  2. latin for "to open"
  3. conceit, especially about one's appearance; something worthless or useless; a dressing table
  4. latin for "to close"
  5. to prevent, to make impossible

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  1. "Totus"greek for :whole"


  2. incipientin its early stages; beginning


  3. aperturedone or shown openly


  4. "Omnis"latin for "whole"


  5. "Nego", "Negare"latin for "empty"


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