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  1. "Holos"
  2. "Vanus", "Vaccus"
  3. recluse
  4. "Pan"
  5. "Apertum", "Aperio"
  1. a greek for :whole"
  2. b latin for "to open"
  3. c latin for "empty"
  4. d greek word for "all"
  5. e a person who avoids mixing with people

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  1. a great destuction, especially by fire; Murder by the Nazis of over 6 million Jews and millions of other people during World War II
  2. latin for "to begin"
  3. An opening, especially one that admits light
  4. latin for "to deny"
  5. latin for "to close"

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  1. omnipresentpresent everywhere


  2. negateto disprove; to nullify; to rule out, to cancel, to repeal


  3. omnipotentall-powerful, having unlimited power or authority


  4. pandemoniuma wild uproar, din, or commotion


  5. overtto brag about, to boast; a boast


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