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  1. apprehension
  2. ambiguous
  3. elite
  4. relegate
  5. gradual
  1. a a group that enjoys superior status to others
  2. b anxiety or fear about the future
  3. c step-by-step; proceeding by small stages or degrees
  4. d assign to a lower position
  5. e having more than one possible meaning

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  1. intolerance toward those who are different
  2. rinse, clean, or empty something
  3. the biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next
  4. to make familiar, used to
  5. intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy

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  1. initialthe first letter of a word (especially a person's name)


  2. instincta behavior that an organism inherits


  3. commotionnoisy and disturbing activity


  4. mesmerizedhaving your attention fixated as though by a spell


  5. revoketo make invalid, deactivate


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