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Vocabulary Quiz Chapter 1-3 Test

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  1. accustom
  2. potential
  3. gradual
  4. inexhaustable
  5. disdain
  1. a to make familiar, used to
  2. b intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy
  3. c possible, able to happen; something that can develop or become a reality
  4. d adj. Full of energy, wild, a resource that will never run out
  5. e step-by-step; proceeding by small stages or degrees

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  1. a behavior that an organism inherits
  2. noisy and disturbing activity
  3. with strained or eager attention
  4. likely to occur at any moment
  5. rinse, clean, or empty something

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  1. ambiguousstrong and active physically or mentally


  2. mythto change or modify


  3. alterto change or modify


  4. betrayalstep-by-step; proceeding by small stages or degrees


  5. revokea group that enjoys superior status to others


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