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  1. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  3. How to print more than one worksheet at once.
  4. Frequency
  5. Bandwidth
  1. a The speed at which a signal can change from high to low; a signal sent at a faster frequency provides faster transmission.
  2. b The number of bits (pieces of data) per second that can be transmitted over a communications medium.
  3. c Hold ctrl to selet all then go to print. OR hold shift to selet in a row then go to print.
  4. d Category of software that deals with standard business processes such as managing customer information, product inventories, and employee records and benefits systems.
  5. e The general flow of creating a new software product; includes performing market research and business analysis, creating a plan and budget for implementing the software, programming the software, testing the software, releasing the software to the public, and debugging the software. photo on page 143

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  1. Software that enables you to create slideshows that include text, graphics, and multimedia.
  2. Click file, save & send, change file type, and double click Workbook (xlsx)
  3. Ctrl + X
  4. Software for which you pay a small fee.
  5. A type of software used to query, organize, sort and create reports on sets of data such as customer lists.

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  1. EthernetSoftware that is made available to use free of charge.


  2. Satellite CommunicationSpace-based equipment that receives microwave signals from an earth based station and then broadcasts the signals back to another earth-based station.


  3. Press which key to move and copy a worksheet to a new one.Hold ctrl to selet all then go to print. OR hold shift to selet in a row then go to print.


  4. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)A software delivery model where a provider licenses an application to customers to use as a service on demand.


  5. TCP/IPemail server


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