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  1. POP
  2. Press this key to make formula absolute.
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  4. What appears in a newly drawn text box?
  5. Bridge
  1. a "Type text here" or "Place text here"
  2. b A software delivery model where a provider licenses an application to customers to use as a service on demand.
  3. c A device that helps separate but similar networks to communicate with each other.
  4. d F4 Example: =b6d4 --> =b6$d$4
  5. e email server

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  1. A hardware device that connects two or more networks.
  2. Software and hardware systems that stop those outside a network from sending information into the network or taking information out of it.
  3. A network architecture in which each computer in the network can act as both server and client.
  4. Click file, save & send, change file type, and double click Workbook (xlsx)
  5. Formats are copied from the source cell and can be pasted to one or multiple cells.

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  1. Cloud ComputingA model of software delivery in which software is hosted on an online provider's website and you access it over the internet using your browser; you don't have to have the source application software actually installed on your computer in order to use the software. Also called utility computing.


  2. Database SoftwareA type of software used to query, organize, sort and create reports on sets of data such as customer lists.


  3. Token RingA standard that allows computers and other devices accessing a network to share a signal. This signal, called a token, is passed from device to device, and only the device that holds the token can transmit data at that time.


  4. Client/Server NetworkA standard that specifies that there is no central device controlling the timing of data transmission. With this standard , each device tries to send data when it senses that the network is available.


  5. FreewareSoftware that is made available to use free of charge.


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