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  1. latitude
  2. sun
  3. lightyear
  4. equinox
  5. axial tilt
  1. a the distance that light travels in a year
    9, 460, 730, 472, 580.8 km
  2. b name for the star at the center of our solar system
  3. c the time when day and night are of equal length at the equator (spring and fall)
  4. d the angle at which a planet's axis tilts
  5. e an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator measured in degrees

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  1. the imaginary line passing through the western Pacific ocean that marks the start of a new day.
  2. the group of objects consisting of the Sun and all the bodies that orbit it
  3. in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock
  4. the time when the uppermost portion of the Sun's disk appears above the horizon
  5. partial shadow (not as dark)

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  1. solsticethe day when the Sun reaches its greatest distance north or south of the equator (winter and summer)


  2. seasona change in climate caused by a change in the amount of solar energy due to the axial tilt of the earth as it revolves around the sun


  3. horizona natural satellite that orbits a planet


  4. partial eclipsean eclipse in which the eclipsed body is only partially obscured


  5. artificial satelliteorbiting objects that are not man-made


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