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Astronomy #7 Test

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  1. solar eclipse
  2. solstice
  3. orbit
  4. lightyear
  5. partial eclipse
  1. a the path of one celestial body (ie. planet or moon) in its revolution about another
  2. b the distance that light travels in a year
    9, 460, 730, 472, 580.8 km
  3. c Occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth and casts a shadow over part of Earth.
  4. d the day when the Sun reaches its greatest distance north or south of the equator (winter and summer)
  5. e an eclipse in which the eclipsed body is only partially obscured

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  1. one of the standard areas into which the earth is divided; they correspond to the 24 hours in a day
  2. the time when the uppermost portion of the Sun's disk appears above the horizon
  3. the angle at which a planet's axis tilts
  4. an imaginary line that passes through Earth's center and its North and South Poles
  5. the average distance between the earth and the sun, about 150,000,000 km

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  1. daythe period of time that it takes for a planet to make a complete revolution around its star


  2. neap tideWhen the tidal range is lowest. (first quarter moon and last quarter moon)


  3. seasona change in climate caused by a change in the amount of solar energy due to the axial tilt of the earth as it revolves around the sun


  4. revolutionthe act of spinning on an axis


  5. longitudean imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator measured in degrees


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