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  1. Effects of anaphylaxis
  2. Drug allergy: crossmatched blood
  3. Treatment of anaphylactoid reactions
  4. Clinical manifestations of amyloidosis
  5. Treatment for hereditary angioedema
  1. a 3% incidence of allergic reactionst
  2. b Antihistamines & epinephrine doesn't work
    C1 esterase inhibitor
  3. c Mast cell/basophil degranulation->release of
    histamine, prostaglandins, & leukotrienes->vasodilation & ↑d capillary permeability->hypotension, bronchoconstriction & CV
  4. d Similar to anaphylaxis
  5. e Airway‐ macroglossia
    CV‐ conduction disturbance, RHF
    Renal‐ nephrotic syndrome
    Nerves‐ autonomic neuropathy, nerve compression

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  1. Halothane hepatitis- trifluoroacetyl halide metabolites + hepatic microsomal proteins->neoantigens
    Sevo doesn't produce oxidative halide metabolites
  2. Emotional stress triggers 30-40% of attacks
  3. 0.01 mg - 0.1 mg IV. Do not give 1 mg!
  4. Account for 60% of periop drug induced allergic reactions
    High incidence (50%) of cross sensitivity
    Quaternary ammonium groups (nondepolarizers)
  5. Derived from salmon semen
    ↑d incidence in pts allergic to seafood, diabetics, vasectomized males)
    Protamine induced compliment activation->thromboxane->bronchoconstriction & pulm HTN (↑d PAP)
    Peripheral vasodilation

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  1. Disorders of immunoglobulinsAbnormal proteins agglutinate in response to cold
    Cold hemagglutinin disease


  2. Platelet activating factor effectsBronchoconstriction


  3. Type 2 hypersensitivity reaction cytotoxic hypersensitivityItching, conjunctivits, rhinitis, laryneal & angioedema, urticaria, bronchospasm (asthma), dysrhythmias, hypotension, GI cramps & malabsorption


  4. Type 1 allergic reaction-hypersensitivity reactionAnaphylaxis‐ IgE mediated reaction
    Rhinitis‐ IgE mediated
    Food & drug allergies


  5. Drug toxicityAntigen-antibody, hypotension, bronchospasm, urticaria, unpredictable severity, prior exposure, rapid onset, not dose related, low incidence


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