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  1. Anaphylactoid reactions
  2. Cold hemagglutinin disease‐
  3. IgA‐
  4. Drug allergy: Muscle relaxants
  5. Drug allergy: protamine
  1. a Secretions, topical defense
  2. b Derived from salmon semen
    ↑d incidence in pts allergic to seafood, diabetics, vasectomized males)
    Protamine induced compliment activation->thromboxane->bronchoconstriction & pulm HTN (↑d PAP)
    Peripheral vasodilation
  3. c Account for 60% of periop drug induced allergic reactions
    High incidence (50%) of cross sensitivity
    Quaternary ammonium groups (nondepolarizers)
  4. d IgM binds erythrocytes when cold->hemolysis, compliment activation, acrocyanosis, Raynaud's, purpura, gangrene, nephritis
  5. e Not IgE mediated, similar clinical presentation, don't need prior sensitization

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  1. Mast cells, Anaphylaxis and allergy
  2. Anaphylaxis‐ IgE mediated reaction
    Rhinitis‐ IgE mediated
    Food & drug allergies
  3. Halothane hepatitis- trifluoroacetyl halide metabolites + hepatic microsomal proteins->neoantigens
    Sevo doesn't produce oxidative halide metabolites
  4. ↑d incidence in medical personnel (15% in
    Patients w/ multiple surgeries, fruit (banana)
    allergies & spina bifida
    Potential for delayed reaction (>30 minutes)
  5. Capillary permeability

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  1. Type 1 allergic reaction-hypersensitivity reactionAnaphylaxis‐ IgE mediated reaction
    Rhinitis‐ IgE mediated
    Food & drug allergies


  2. IgGImmunity, defense against infection


  3. Anaphylaxis secondary exposureMassive degranulation of mast cells & basophils


  4. Treatment for hereditary angioedemaAntihistamines & epinephrine doesn't work
    C1 esterase inhibitor


  5. Selective immunoglobulin A deficiency1-600 adults, sinus & pulm infections, risk during blood transfusion (anti-IgA antibodies)


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