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  1. X‐linked agammaglobulinemia‐
  2. Drug allergy
  3. Hereditary angioedema
  4. Leukotriene effects
  5. Resistance to infection
  1. a Capillary permeability
    Negative inotropy
    Coronary artery vasoconstriction
  2. b Airway emergency
    C1 esterase inhibitor->poorly regulated compliment activation->release of vasoactive mediators (bradykinin)->episodic airway edema
  3. c Reversible, transient, minor immunodepression (N2O & locals inhibit PMN chemotaxis)
    Stress response to surgical trauma is much more
    important to immunocompetence
  4. d Inability to form any class of antibodies (absent mature B‐lymphocytes)->recurrent bacterial infections
  5. e Antigen-antibody, hypotension, bronchospasm, urticaria, unpredictable severity, prior exposure, rapid onset, not dose related, low incidence

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  1. Abnormal proteins agglutinate in response to cold
    Cold hemagglutinin disease
  2. Sensitization via antigen specific IgE antibodies
  3. Proliferation of single clone B‐ lymphocytes->immune complex deposition
  4. 0.01 mg - 0.1 mg IV. Do not give 1 mg!
  5. Release of vasoactive amines

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  1. What triggers angioedemaEmotional stress triggers 30-40% of attacks


  2. Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemiaNeoplastic proliferation of IgM secreting plasma cell->hyper‐ viscosity, infiltration of liver, spleen, lungs, & bone marrow


  3. Drug allergy: OpioidsRare
    MSO4->histamine release->possible anaphylactoid reaction


  4. Allergic reactionsNot IgE mediated, similar clinical presentation, don't need prior sensitization


  5. Treatment for anaphylaxisMast cell/basophil degranulation->release of
    histamine, prostaglandins, & leukotrienes->vasodilation & ↑d capillary permeability->hypotension, bronchoconstriction & CV


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