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  1. Anaphylactoid reactions
  2. Effects of anaphylaxis
  3. X‐linked agammaglobulinemia‐
  4. Type 1 allergic reaction-hypersensitivity reaction
  5. Leukotriene effects
  1. a Mast cell/basophil degranulation->release of
    histamine, prostaglandins, & leukotrienes->vasodilation & ↑d capillary permeability->hypotension, bronchoconstriction & CV
  2. b Inability to form any class of antibodies (absent mature B‐lymphocytes)->recurrent bacterial infections
  3. c Itching, conjunctivits, rhinitis, laryneal & angioedema, urticaria, bronchospasm (asthma), dysrhythmias, hypotension, GI cramps & malabsorption
  4. d Capillary permeability
    Negative inotropy
    Coronary artery vasoconstriction
  5. e Not IgE mediated, similar clinical presentation, don't need prior sensitization

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  1. Degranulations & release of vasoactive mediators->hypotension & CV collapse
  2. Hereditary angioedema
  3. Latex free OR environment
    H1, H2 blockers, corticosteroids may be considered
  4. 0.01 mg - 0.1 mg IV. Do not give 1 mg!
  5. Emotional stress triggers 30-40% of attacks

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  1. Anaphylaxis primary exposureSensitization via antigen specific IgE antibodies


  2. Drug allergy: abxHalothane hepatitis- trifluoroacetyl halide metabolites + hepatic microsomal proteins->neoantigens
    Sevo doesn't produce oxidative halide metabolites


  3. Treatment for hereditary angioedemaO2, IV fluids, epinephrine, H1 antagonists, steroids


  4. Clinical manifestations of amyloidosisAirway‐ macroglossia
    CV‐ conduction disturbance, RHF
    Renal‐ nephrotic syndrome
    Nerves‐ autonomic neuropathy, nerve compression


  5. Drug toxicityManifestations dependent upon drug
    Fairly predictable
    No prior exposure needed
    Dose related
    Onset may be delayed


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