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  1. A. E. Douglass
  2. Types of absolute dating methods
  3. Three Age System
  4. Types of knowledge
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  1. a Father of American archaeology; studied burial mounds in VA
  2. b American astronomer that founded the discipline of dendrochronology
  3. c -Belief
    -Explanation (based on theory, methodology, and testing)
  4. d -Radiocarbon dating: Willard Libby (1949); requires organic materials (charcoal, bones, wood, shells, plants)
    -Other radiometric methods (that don't require organic materials): K-Ar, Uranium, fission track, archaeomagnetism, obsidian hydration
  5. e the periodization of human prehistory into three consecutive time periods, named for their respective tool-making technologies:
    -Stone Age
    -Bronze Age
    -Iron Age

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  1. -Cross-cutting relations
    -Common sense
  2. Famous for bringing archaeology to the American southwest (Pecos pueblos) and Mesoamerica

    Spent almost 15 years in one site

    First person to develop chronology-cultural periods

    First archaeologist to publish empirical data in 1924
  3. Dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree-rings; can date the time at which tree rings were formed, in many types of wood, to the exact calendar year
  4. Where material culture is found

    Matrix: material around object
    Provenience: object's horizontal and vertical position in the matrix (and also time period)
    Association: object's relationship with other archaeological remains
  5. The buildings/tools and other artifacts left behind from past cultures; physical evidence/examples from the past

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  1. StratigraphyStudy of geological or soil layers (strata); single best method archaeologists have for determining relative ages

    Can tells us much about the processes affecting the deposition of soils, and the condition of sites and artifacts


  2. Two techniques for finding archaeological material-Survey


  3. Charles Darwin"Principles of Geology"

    Laws of stratigraphic succession:


  4. Karl MarxA theoretical framework; a way to think theoretically


  5. Life cycle of an artifact-Acquisition/harvest
    -Discard/digest and excrete


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