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  1. Two techniques for finding archaeological material
  2. Postprocessual archaeology
  3. Dendrochronology
  4. Postmodernism
  5. Excavation techniques
  1. a Anthropological version of post processualism

    Early 1980s: Ian Hodder, Michael Shanks, Christopher Tilly

    Emphasizes detailed description of specific sites and intuitive interpretation

    Objective interpretation not possible due to biases of the observer
  2. b Dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree-rings; can date the time at which tree rings were formed, in many types of wood, to the exact calendar year
  3. c -Survey
  4. d "Interpretive archaeology"

    Interprets; subjective

    Humanistic approach
  5. e -Automated (backhoe, bulldozer, drilling devices)

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  1. -Belief
    -Explanation (based on theory, methodology, and testing)
  2. Actions meant to have meaning to us; meaning and action are connected
  3. A theoretical framework; a way to think theoretically
  4. "Chronometric dating"-reference to a specific time scale, typically a fixed calendar system
  5. Only applied under normal conditions-flat layers; the deeper, the older

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  1. Charles LyellEvolution was not new

    Natural selection


  2. TheoryWandering around in standardized ways to look for buried artifacts/ecofacts

    Can be: remote (air), surface (ground), subsurface (below ground)


  3. Louis and Mary LeakeyWorked at Olduvai Gorge


  4. Terminus ante quemOldest certain date after which an event happened


  5. A. E. DouglassAmerican astronomer that founded the discipline of dendrochronology


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