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  1. Excavation techniques
  2. Cultural relativism
  3. Boucher de Perthes
  4. Lewis Binford
  5. Postprocessual archaeology
  1. a "Interpretive archaeology"

    Interprets; subjective

    Humanistic approach
  2. b Evaluation of cultures in their own terms
  3. c Humans bones coexisted with extinct animal species

    Extinction was not a part of God's plan
  4. d Among the most influential archaeologists of the later 20th century; is credited with fundamentally changing the field with the introduction of processual archaeology (or the "New Archaeology") in the 1960s.
  5. e -Automated (backhoe, bulldozer, drilling devices)

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  1. Only applied under normal conditions-flat layers; the deeper, the older
  2. "Principles of Geology"

    Laws of stratigraphic succession:
  3. Two ways:
    -Calendar years: BC/AD or BCE/CE
    -Radiometric time scale: Before present (BP)
  4. The buildings/tools and other artifacts left behind from past cultures; physical evidence/examples from the past
  5. How? What was it like?

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  1. ContextA distinct spatial clustering of artifacts, features, structures, and organic and environmental remains - the residue of human activity


  2. 19th century themes"Ancient Societies"

    Unilineal evolutionism:
    -Savagery (fire; use of bow)
    -Barbarism (domestication; metallurgy)
    -Civilization (alphabet; read/write)


  3. ArchaeologyThe study of past cultures (primarily through material remains) and their influence


  4. C.J. Thomsen"Guide to Northern Antiquity"

    Started organizing things in terms of material (stone, bronze, iron)


  5. Terminus post quemOldest certain date after which an event happened


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