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  1. Allegory
  2. Parody
  3. Antecedent
  4. Parenthesis
  5. Irony
  1. a Every pronoun refers back to a previous noun or pronoun
  2. b ridicule or make fun of a work
  3. c Insertion of some verbal unit in a position that interrupts the normal syntactical flow
  4. d convey a meaning opposite to the literal meaning of the word
  5. e Fictional work in which the characters represent ideas or concepts

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  1. Emotional feeling or mood
  2. speed of a story's action
  3. Similarity between two things that are different, ex. "the pond is as smooth as a mirror"
  4. inanimate objects with human qualities
  5. Juxtaposition of contrasting ideas

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  1. Synonymconvey a meaning opposite to the literal meaning of the word


  2. ImageryWords make a mental picture


  3. DictionAuthor's choice of words


  4. ApotheosisJuxtaposition of contrasting ideas


  5. Assonancecharacter created by the voice and narration of the speaker


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