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  1. Antithesis
  2. Climax
  3. Polysyndeton
  4. Isocolon
  5. Allusion
  1. a Reference to another thing
  2. b Parallel in structure and length
  3. c arrangement or words, phrases, or clauses in an order of increasing importance
  4. d Juxtaposition of contrasting ideas
  5. e Many conjunctions

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  1. Opposition, elaborates ideas
  2. play on words
  3. convey a meaning opposite to the literal meaning of the word
  4. Substitutes for a bad word
  5. ridicule or make fun of a work

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  1. EllipsisReference to another thing


  2. AlliterationReference to another thing


  3. Metaphorcompared directly


  4. SynonymWord that has the same or similar meaning to another word


  5. Similecomparison using like or as


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