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  1. Metonymy
  2. Antithesis
  3. Logos
  4. Isocolon
  5. Juxtaposition
  1. a Substitution of a part for a whole, symbolic
  2. b When two contrasting things are placed next to each other
  3. c Appeal to reason
  4. d Juxtaposition of contrasting ideas
  5. e Parallel in structure and length

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  1. Many conjunctions
  2. contradictory statement, contains truth
  3. Something is uncertain or indefinite and subject to more than one interpretation
  4. Placing side by side 2 co-ordinate elements, the 2nd modifies the first
  5. feelings of speaker

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  1. PacingSympathetic feeling of pity or compassion evoked


  2. Parodyridicule or make fun of a work


  3. AssonanceWord that has the same or similar meaning to another word


  4. Hyperboleexaggeration


  5. ApotheosisCharacter elevated to god-like status


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