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  1. nitrogen
  2. troposphere
  3. radiation
  4. the six temp. controls
  5. scattering
  1. a lowest layer of the atmospher; where clouds and weather occur
  2. b most commoon gas in the atmosphere
  3. c tranfer of heat with or without the use of medium
  4. d the process that produces weak rays that travel in all directions
  5. e latitude, heating of land and water, altitude, geographic position, cloud cover,ocean currents

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  1. heating of the atmosphere by radiation absorbed by gases
  2. what is the four layers of atmosphere divided based on?
  3. a mixture of various gases( nitrogen and oxygen make up 99% of clean, dry air)
  4. three ways that energy can be transferred
  5. light bounces off an object

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  1. heatenergy that flows from one object to another due to difference in temperature


  2. tropopausethe boundry between the tropsher and stratosphere


  3. condUctioninvolves making contact=toUch; tranfer of heat through molecular activity


  4. stratospherelayer of the atmosphere where ozone is located


  5. convectioninvolves making contact=toUch; tranfer of heat through molecular activity


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