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  1. Which of the following constitutes unprofessional behavior when interacting with an externship preceptor?
  2. Accreditation may be defined as?
  3. Which of the following organizations publishes a journal called Professional Medical Assistants?
  4. Which of the following is/are the greatest benefits of an AAMA membership?
  5. The CMA and RMA examinations cover all of the following distinct areas of knowledge except ?
  1. a Criminal Justice
  2. b AAMA
  3. c A process in which recognition is granted to an education program
  4. d Arguing
  5. e All the above

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  1. Recertification
  2. AMT
  3. Diagnosing communicable diseases
  4. Collecting arterial blood for measuring blood oxygen levels
  5. Credential

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  1. A patient with a physical disability comes to the office. The most appropriate response by the medical assistant is to?Accountability


  2. Which of the following statutes includes regulations regarding the testing of patient specimens and interpreting of results in the medical office?Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendment


  3. Currently, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Act do not require medical assistants to be?Credentialed


  4. After you become a certified medical assistant, how often is recertification required?Every 5 years


  5. The initials RMA listed after a medical assistant's name indicate?Credentials


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