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  1. The goal of the 1996 AAMA Role Delineation Study was to?
  2. Which of the following is the most appropriate information to include on a resume?
  3. Accreditation may be defined as?
  4. Which one of the following organizations declared medical assisting an allied health profession?
  5. Which of the following behaviors might be displayed by a medical assistant who is behaving unprofessionally?
  1. a Revise and update the standards used for the accreditation of medical assisting programs
  2. b A process in which recognition is granted to an education program
  3. c Using a term of endearment when talking to a patient
  4. d Certifications awarded relating to a position
  5. e U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

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  1. AAMA
  2. Credentialed
  4. Criminal Justice
  5. Credentials

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  1. Which of the following professional attributes indicates the ability to understand someone else's situation?Certifications awarded relating to a position


  2. Which of the following terms refers to legal, mental, or moral responsibility?All the above


  3. Which of the following constitutes unprofessional behavior when interacting with an externship preceptor?Arguing


  4. Which of the following is/are the greatest benefits of an AAMA membership?Certifications awarded relating to a position


  5. A patient with a physical disability comes to the office. The most appropriate response by the medical assistant is to?Accountability


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