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T2B Vocab BiSP 11-20 Test

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  1. Frown
  2. Mend
  3. Blush
  4. Cowardly
  5. Inconsolable
  1. a To contract the brow, as in displeasure or deep thought
  2. b Not consolable, that cannot be comforted, disconsolate
  3. c Lacking courage, contemptibly timid
  4. d To redden, as from embarrassment or shame
  5. e Repair, set right

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  1. To make known to the mind or senses
  2. To think unworthy of notice
  3. Careful or slow in deciding
  4. However, nevertheless
  5. Lacking in knowledge or training, unlearned

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  1. NapkinDecorate


  2. ContradictLacking in knowledge or training, unlearned


  3. PresumeTo take something for granted


  4. ScarletLacking intensity of colour, colourless or whitish


  5. PaleTo squeeze or compress between finger and thumb


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