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  1. -interpreting odors.
  2. -The abililty to receive input, process information, and produce output.
  3. -Place in continuum of disability or terminal nature of illness.
  4. -Interpreting sensory stimuli.
  5. -interpreting and localizing sounds, adn discrimainating background sounds.

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  1. Sensory-Proproceptive-Interpreting light touch, pressure, temperature, pain and vibration through skin contact/receptors.


  2. Sensory-Visual-Interpreting stimuli through eyes, inclduing peripheral vision and acuity and awareness of color and pattern.


  3. Sensory-sensory awareness-receiving and differntiating sensory stimuli.


  4. Temporal Aspects-Chronological-Individual's age.


  5. TA-Life cycle-Place in important life phases, such as career cycle, parenting cycle, or educational process.


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