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  1. -Interpreting sensory stimuli.
  2. -interpreting and localizing sounds, adn discrimainating background sounds.
  3. Interpreting stimuli originating in muscles, joints and other internal tissues that give information about the position of one body part in relation to another.
  4. -Place in continuum of disability or terminal nature of illness.
  5. -The abililty to receive input, process information, and produce output.

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  1. Sensory-Vestibular-Interpreting stimuli through eyes, inclduing peripheral vision and acuity and awareness of color and pattern.


  2. Sensory-Olfactory-interpreting odors.


  3. Sensory-Gustatory-Interpreting tastes.


  4. Temporal Aspects-Chronological-Stage of phase of maturation.


  5. Sensory- Tactile-Interpreting light touch, pressure, temperature, pain and vibration through skin contact/receptors.


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