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  1. Rough terrain in southern India prevented
  2. belief that the world was an illusion
  3. Separates India from the rest of Asia
  4. Tried to improve basic living conditions in India
  5. Indian name for social classes
  1. a Himalayas
  2. b maya
  3. c Asoka
  4. d the unification of its peoples
  5. e varnas

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  1. Buddhism
  2. nature.
  3. Sanskrit
  4. Sanskrit
  5. citadel

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  1. Mohenjo Daroancient Harrapan city


  2. Indo-Aryan states were ruled byrajas


  3. Indo-Aryans enforced rigidSanskrit


  4. Southern Indian cultures were ________________ Indo-Aryan culture.geographically isolated from


  5. The Indo-Aryan states were ruled by a military leader, lawmaker, and judge known as therajas


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