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  1. Southern Indian cultures were ________________ Indo-Aryan culture.
  2. belief that the world was an illusion
  3. Siddhartha Gautama
  4. Indo-Aryan states were ruled by
  5. The Indo-Aryan states were ruled by a military leader, lawmaker, and judge known as the
  1. a maya
  2. b rajas
  3. c Buddha
  4. d geographically isolated from
  5. e raja

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  1. social classes
  2. Himalayas
  3. varnas
  4. Asoka
  5. Sanskrit

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  1. The religion that many people converted to during Asoka's reignBuddhism


  2. System of social organizationcaste system


  3. First Mauryan rulerChandragupta


  4. The cycle of reincarnation ends withnirvana


  5. winds that mark the seasons in Indiamonsoons


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