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  1. The cycle of reincarnation ends with
  2. There is some evidence that the Indus River valley people may have disappeared because of
  3. System of social organization
  4. Indian name for social classes
  5. The Indo-Aryan states were ruled by a military leader, lawmaker, and judge known as the
  1. a floods, earthquakes, invading forces
  2. b nirvana
  3. c varnas
  4. d caste system
  5. e raja

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  1. Himalayas
  2. the unification of its peoples
  3. ancient Harrapan city
  4. maya
  5. monsoon

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  1. The religion that many people converted to during Asoka's reignBuddhism


  2. Siddhartha GautamaSanskrit


  3. Southern Indian cultures were ________________ Indo-Aryan culture.the unification of its peoples


  4. The Vedas are written inIndo-Aryans' works of religious literature.


  5. fortress built on a brick platformcitadel


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