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  1. Mesozoic Era
  2. Outer Core
  3. Mantle
  4. Weathering
  5. Cenozoic Era
  1. a When rocks are broken down into smaller pieces through actions by wind, water, roots, and animals.
  2. b The thickest layer of the Earth. It is where convection currents happen.
  3. c The era of the Geologic Time Scale when the dinosaurs both appeared and became extinct.
  4. d The next dense layer of the Earth that surrounds the inner core. It's made of a liquid ball of iron.
  5. e The current era of the Geologic Time Scale. It is when mammals and humans first appeared.

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  1. The LEAST dense layer of the Earth. It is where life exists and is made up of continental and oceanic crust.
  2. When two plates move away from each other. They cause sea-floor spreading, such as the Mid Atlantic Ridge.
  3. A timeline of earth's history. It correlates the existence of life on Earth with geological events, such as mass extinctions.
  4. A fossil embedded in a rock layer. The age of the rock layer is the same age as the fossils embedded in it.
  5. A science word for "heavy." More dense things sink, less dense things float.

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  1. Convection CurrentsWhen two continental plates move towards each other. They cause mountains.


  2. EvolutionThe gradual change in a species over time.


  3. Alfred WagnerThe scientist who proposed the theory of Continental Drift.


  4. Natural SelectionThe process by which individuals that are better adapted to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce than other members of the same species.


  5. Survival of the FittestThe process by which the chemical make-up of a rock changes.


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