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  1. Active Site
  2. Compound
  3. Element
  4. Solvent
  5. Solution
  1. a Site on an enzyme that attaches to a substrate
  2. b A substance made of the joined atoms of two or more different elements.
  3. c What dissolves the solute - usually water
  4. d Substances made up of only one kind of atom
  5. e A mixture in which one or more substances is evenly distributed in another substance

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  1. Large complex compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen
  2. A group of atoms held together by convalent bonds
  3. The energy needed to start a chemical reaction
  4. The attraction between substances of the same kind.
  5. An element that has gained or lost one or more electrons.

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  1. CatalystSubstances that reduce the activation energy of a chemical reaction


  2. AdhesionThe attraction between substances of the same kind.


  3. BaseThe smallest unit of matter that can not be broken down by chemical means.


  4. LipidCompound that Increases the concentration of hydrogen ions (h+) in solution


  5. SoluteSubstance that is dissolved


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