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  1. Solution
  2. Ionic Bond
  3. Cohesion
  4. Ion
  5. Convalent Bond
  1. a An element that has gained or lost one or more electrons.
  2. b The attraction between substances of the same kind.
  3. c Bonds formed when atoms transfer electrons
  4. d A mixture in which one or more substances is evenly distributed in another substance
  5. e Forms when 2 or more atoms share electrons to form a molecule

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  1. An attraction between different substances (why things get wet)
  2. The smallest unit of matter that can not be broken down by chemical means.
  3. Substance that is dissolved
  4. Compound that Increases the concentration of hydrogen ions (h+) in solution
  5. A long chain of smaller molecules called nucleotides

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  1. CarbohydrateOrganic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.


  2. Mass NumberThe number of protons in the nucleus of an element.


  3. ElementWhat dissolves the solute - usually water


  4. SubstrateSubstance that is dissolved


  5. CompoundWhat dissolves the solute - usually water


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