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  1. the random distribution of homologous chromosomes during meiosis
  2. an individual produced by asexual reproduction
  3. the process by which gametes are produced in female animals
  4. a haploid reproductive cell produced by meiosis that is capable of developing into an adult without fusing with another cell.
  5. the haploid phase that produces gametes by mitosis in the life cycle of a plant

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  1. Fertilizationthe process in which the gametes join


  2. Meiosisa form of cell division that halves the number of chromosomes when forming specialized reproductive cells


  3. Asexual Reproductiona form of reproduction in which a single parent passes copies of all of its genes to each of its offspring


  4. Spermatogenesisthe process by which sperm are produced in male animals


  5. Ovuma female gamete


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