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  1. Pertaining to the essential nature of a thing.
  2. Synonyms of ostracize
  3. To exclude from public or private favors and privileges.
  4. Synonyms of Intrinsic
  5. Favorable opinion of a person or thing arrived at beforehand; preference.

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  1. LaudableWorty of commendation or praise.


  2. MundanePertaining to the world--to temporal, earthly things.


  3. Worldly, earthly, terrestrial, secular, temporalSynonyms of ostracize


  4. Destitute, impeunious, needy, poor, necesitious, penniless, penuriousSynonms of predilection


  5. Avaricious, miserly, niggardly, thrifty, penurious, tightfisted, illiberalSynonyms of parsimonious


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