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  1. Who fought the Battle of Little Bighorn? Who won the battle?
  2. What did the Homestead Act try to get people to do?
  3. What did Sarah Winnemucca do for the Native Americans?
  4. What were some of the hard times the cowhands faced?
  5. Who was the Colonel from the U. S. that fought in the battle?
  1. a Cowhands faced long hours of work.
    They had poor sleeping quarters and low pay.
    They worked through dust storms, blazing heat, and icy blizzards.
  2. b Sarah Winnemucca spoke out for the rights of the Native Americans.
  3. c Colonel George Custer
  4. d The Homestead Act encouraged people to move and settle in the West.
  5. e The Battle of Little Bighorn was fought between Native Americans (The Lakotas) and the United States Army. The Native Americans defeated Custer in this battle.

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  1. Two of the major problems faced by the farmers were extreme weather and insects.
  2. The Ghost Dance was a special dance that was danced to help the Plains Native Americans live peacefully and joyously.
  3. The two railroad lines met at Promontory Point, in Utah.
  4. The flat, grassy land in Texas was a perfect feeding area for raising cattle.
  5. A tradition is the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs from one generation to another.

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  1. What was the transcontinental railroad? What two railroad companies joined together?The transcontinental railroad was the railroad that went across the entire continent.
    The two railroads that were joined together were the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad.


  2. What were some of the ways the Native Americans used the buffalo?The Native Americans used the buffalo for food, clothing, shelter and tools.


  3. What were Boom Towns? Why did they happen so quickly?Boom Towns were prospector camps that grew into towns almost overnight. Businesses were set up in order to provide necessary items such as food, clothing, and tools for the miners.


  4. What were some of the problems in Boom Towns?Since the towns grew quickly, there were no officers at first. There were thieves, outlaws and dishonest gamblers that broke the law.


  5. What were some of the terms of the Homestead Act?- It gave men who were at least 21 years old 160 acres of land.
    - The men had to pay $10 dollars for the land.
    - They had to settle on the land for five years.
    - They had to build a home within six months and grow crops.


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