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  1. Listed Stock
  2. Limit Order
  3. Benefits of Trade
  5. Asked Price
  1. a Stocks that have been approved and listed for trading by one of the organized stock exchanges or markets.
  2. b The price that sellers are willing to accept for a particular stock at a given time
  3. c An order to buy and sell a stock at a certain (or better) price.
  4. d The advantages obtained by buyers and sellers when they trade a stock
  5. e The highest price by a buyer and the lowest price asked by a seller for a stock at a given time

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  1. A person who buys the product or service offered by a business
  2. A member of a brokerage house who completes a customer's buy or sell order on the floor of a stock exchange
  3. An order to buy and sell a stock at the best price currently available
  4. A market in which the public trades stocks that someone already owns
  5. An electronic marketplace where buyers and sellers get together via computer and hundreds of thousands of miles of high-speed data lines

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  1. CommissionThe fee a broker and/or stockbroker collects for helping people buy and sell a stock


  2. ClerkA member of a brokerage house who transfers orders and information between stockbrokers in an office and floor brokers at a stock exchange


  3. Auction MarketType of market found in organized stock exchanges


  4. Investment BankerAnother name for the OTC market


  5. Bid PriceThe price that buyers are willing to pay for a particular stock at a given time


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