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  1. Costs of Trade
  2. Price
  3. Benefits of Trade
  4. Commission
  5. Pink Sheet Market
  1. a Another name for the OTC market
  2. b The advantages obtained by buyers and sellers when they trade a stock
  3. c The time and money buyers and sellers spend to find one another and arrange trades
  4. d The fee a broker and/or stockbroker collects for helping people buy and sell a stock
  5. e An amount agreed on between a buyer and a seller to exchange a stock certificate

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  1. An individual or business that specializes in bringing together buyers and sellers of stocks
  2. An order to buy and sell a stock at the best price currently available
  3. The price that buyers are willing to pay for a particular stock at a given time
  4. Type of market found in organized stock exchanges
  5. An order to buy and sell a stock at a certain (or better) price.

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  1. Floor BrokerA member of a brokerage house who completes a customer's buy or sell order on the floor of a stock exchange


  2. CustomerA person who buys the product or service offered by a business


  3. New-Issues MarketAnother name for the OTC market


  4. Stock ExchangeOn of the organized stock markets with a centralized trading floor


  5. AMEXThe American Stock Exchange, one of the most organized stock markets in NYC


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