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  1. repent
  2. temperate
  3. Beelzebub
  4. undivulged
  5. repose
  1. a something private or secret
  2. b the act of resting; freedom from worry or peace of mind
  3. c to feel remorse, contrition for what one has done or failed to do
  4. d the devil; one of the fallen angels
  5. e exercising moderation and self-restraint

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  1. an ancient fertility goddess associated with Persephone, queen of Hades, and protector of witches
  2. overindulgence in food or drink; an excessive amount
  3. bestowing gifts in a lofty or condescending manner; generosity of spirit or attitude
  4. loyalty or obligation of loyalty
  5. to make repayment or return for; to avenge

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  1. frailtyto hold oneself back; forbear


  2. appallan aromatic, resinous substance used for healing and soothing


  3. sentinelone that keeps guard; a sentry


  4. palpabletangible, capable of being handled, felt


  5. sacrilegiousqualms, motivation derived from ethical or moral principles


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