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  1. counterfeit
  2. lees
  3. repent
  4. husbandry
  5. invest
  1. a to feel remorse, contrition for what one has done or failed to do
  2. b the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock
  3. c the side away from the direction from which the wind blows
  4. d made in imitation of what is genuine with the intent to defraud
  5. e to commit money or capital in order to gain a financial return

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  1. to be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information
  2. the act of resting; freedom from worry or peace of mind
  3. to grieve audibly, wail; to express sorrow or regret
  4. to make repayment or return for; to avenge
  5. the god of water, identified with Poseidon

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  1. benisona blessing, a benediction


  2. scruplesthe state of being weak in health or body; a moral weakness


  3. pretensedeception; a false appearance or action intended to deceive


  4. refrainto hold oneself back; forbear


  5. undivulgedsomething private or secret


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