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  1. Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
  2. Quinceanera
  3. Habituation
  4. Climateric
  5. Swingers
  1. a Hormone treatment extending for a long time after menopause.
  2. b The transition to infertility at the end of a woman's reproductive years andculminsting in menopause.
  3. c Couples who agree to engage in casual sex contracts.
  4. d Hispanic coming of age ceremony for girls.
  5. e The psychological process that reduces a persons response to stimulus or drug after repeated exposure,

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  1. The age range including the beginning of puberty 8-12 or 8-13.
  2. Involvement in a series of monogamous relationships.
  3. Jewish coming of age ceremony for boys.
  4. Episodes of redding and warmth of the skin associated with menopause.
  5. Use of hormones to treat symptoms occurring during or soon after menopause.

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  1. Mut'aA contract to marry for a fixed period of time.


  2. Covenant MarriageA form of marriage that requires a stronger vow of commitment than a regular marriage and that makes divorce harder to obtain.


  3. Bat mitzvahJewish coming of age ceremony for girls.


  4. CohabitationA live in sexual relationship between two persons who are not marrie to each other.


  5. IsoflavesEstrogen like compounds or plant origin.


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