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  1. thoracic surgery
  2. dyspnea
  3. pectoral
  4. hemo hemoptysis
  5. ia
  1. a Surgery involving the rib cage and structures contained within the chest.
  2. b condition
  3. c blood spitting (-ptysis) up blood
  4. d pertaining to the chest
  5. e Dificult or painful respirations; this can be due to exertion or pathological condition or injury.

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  1. abnormal condition
  2. Surgical opening through the base of the neck into the treacha for the insertion of a tube to create an open airway. The person breathes through this opening bypassing the upper airways.
  3. straight labored breathing (-pnea) that occurs when lying flat and is relieed by sitting up one of the classic symptoms of ventricular heart failure
  4. slow slow breathing (-pnea)
  5. Accumulation of fluid in the alveoli and interstitial spaces; most common cause is left sided congestive heart failure.

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  1. anoxia hypoxiaAbsence or deficiency of oxygen in the tissues.


  2. pharyngoscopyvisual examination (-scopy) of the throat


  3. thorac thoracocentesisInsertion of a nedle between the ribs and into the pleural space.


  4. ox anoxiaBluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the prescence of reduced hemoglobin


  5. oxoxygen


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