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  1. steth stethoscope
  2. apnea
  3. bronch bronchospasm
  4. anoxia hypoxia
  5. external respiration
  1. a Absence or deficiency of oxygen in the tissues.
  2. b bronchus (plural, bronchi) involuntary contraction or twitching (-spasm) of the smooth muscle in the bronchi This condition causes narrowing of the airway and occurs in asthnma and bronchitis
  3. c chest instrument (-scope) used to transmit sounds produced by the body
  4. d tempory cessation of breathing or respirations
  5. e the exchange of gases between the air in the lungs and the bloodstream

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  1. the uppermost cartilage which closes over the top of the larynx during swalling to prevent food entry into the airway
  2. lobe excision (-ectomy) of a lobe of any organ or gland
  3. visual examination (-scopy) of the throat
  4. surgical repair (-plasty) of the nose to correct an anatomic defect or for cosmetic purposes
  5. Bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the prescence of reduced hemoglobin

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  1. oxoxygen


  2. anoxemia hypoxemiaAbsence or deficency of oxygen in the blood.


  3. auscultationuse of the stethoscope to listen to sounds within the body, especially in the chest neck and abdomen; used to detect crackels or wheezes in the lungs, pleural rubs, and other physiological phenomena.


  4. hypo-under, below


  5. cronic obstructive pulmonary didease COPDLocalized colledtion of puss in the lunngs.


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