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  1. pharyngoscopy
  2. alveolar
  3. bronch bronchospasm
  4. ortho orthopnea
  5. cronic obstructive pulmonary didease COPD
  1. a Any pathological process with cronic obstruction of thd bronchial tubes
  2. b pertaining to (-ar) the microscopic air sacs (alveoli) at the end of the bronchioles
  3. c visual examination (-scopy) of the throat
  4. d bronchus (plural, bronchi) involuntary contraction or twitching (-spasm) of the smooth muscle in the bronchi This condition causes narrowing of the airway and occurs in asthnma and bronchitis
  5. e straight labored breathing (-pnea) that occurs when lying flat and is relieed by sitting up one of the classic symptoms of ventricular heart failure

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  1. Blood clot or other mateial that travels through the bloodstream and lodges in the pulmonary vessels. Blood or heart.
  2. pertaining to the nose
  3. oxygen
  4. the exchange of gases between the bloodstream and the cells at the cell level
  5. condition

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  1. cyanosisabnormal condition


  2. pneumon pneumoniaair lung collection of air or gas in the pleural cavity


  3. lobectomyA surgical incision that opens the chest for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.


  4. dyspneaDificult or painful respirations; this can be due to exertion or pathological condition or injury.


  5. pleur pleuriticlung


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