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  1. consequences
  2. Atchafalaya Delta
  3. Creole
  4. IsleƱos
  5. lobes
  1. a Today the ___ is over 76 square miles and growing. It is an exception to the coastal erosion on other places in the Deltaic Plain and Chenier Plain.
  2. b Originally meant a person of French ancestry born in a colony. Later it referred to persons of mixed French and African-American heritage.
  3. c The ___ are deltas formed as the Mississippi River switched its route to the Gulf.
  4. d The impacts of human inhabitants may be deliberate or accidental. Many human attempts at changing the landscape have unintended ___.
  5. e Spanish ___ were enticed by the Spanish colonial government to leave the Canary Islands and settle in Louisiana to reinforce the Spanish presence in the formerly French colony.

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  1. Anglo-American & Scotch-Irish -- many to New Orleans even before the Louisiana purchase to ___ and do business
  2. The Mississippi River discharges 420 ___ gallons of water per day
  3. The line connecting the deepest part of the river is called a "___."
  4. The ___ were formed in the Holocene Epoch, at the end of the last ice age, when glaciers melted and sea levels rose.
  5. ___ control is an ongoing struggle on the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain.

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  1. PrairiesThe cultural subregions of South Louisiana include this flat area.


  2. Army Corps of EngineersToday the U.S. ___ prevents changes on the course of the Mississippi River.


  3. meandersThe Mississippi River Alluvial Plain includes some elevated areas formed by materials deposited as ___ retreated during the last ice age.


  4. culturalAlso known as "human geography," ___ geography discusses the human aspects of a place.


  5. FrenchThe non-Acadian ___ were the first European settlers of south Louisiana. They came to trade for pelts with the Native Americans and grow sugar cane.


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