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  1. New Orleans
  2. Spanish
  3. Atchafalaya Delta
  4. distributary
  5. meander belt
  1. a The first known effort to control flooding on the Mississippi River was done by the French as they built ___ in 1717.
  2. b Today the ___ is over 76 square miles and growing. It is an exception to the coastal erosion on other places in the Deltaic Plain and Chenier Plain.
  3. c A ___ is the area that was once a river.
  4. d The Deltaic Plain was formed by the Mississippi River and its ___, the Atchafalaya River as they deposited sediments when their waters slowed down on entering the Gulf of Mexico.
  5. e Descendants of the settlers of Texas, mainly in the Zwolle, Louisiana area in north Louisiana.

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  1. Early ___ immigrants in New Orleans often took on French versions of their last names. They had a mutual aid society in New Orleans by 1843. The largest wave of their immigration was from 1890 to 1910.
  2. The ___ Entrenchment is the soil deposited around 18,000 years ago when the ice age caused the sea level to drop. The ___ Entrenchment is around 400 feet below the present sea level.
  3. More ethnically diverse -- cultural gumbo; more associated with the Roman Catholic branch of the Christian faith and Voodoo; historically more engaged in trade and banking
  4. Today the U.S. ___ prevents changes on the course of the Mississippi River.
  5. The Mississippi River annually floods. The River is highest in ___ most years. The annual flooding is caused by melting snow and spring rain. The Mississippi River is at its lowest in October.

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  1. Chenier PlainA twenty mile wide strip along the Gulf Coast from Marsh Island to the Sabine River.


  2. African-AmericansMany in New Orleans, slave and free, worked on the docks and as laborers. Some were entrepreneurs and musicians.


  3. UplandsThe older part of Louisiana, formed during the Mesozoic (250 m.y.a. to 65 m.y.a.) and Cenozoic Eras (65 m.y.a to the present).


  4. thalwegAnglo-American & Scotch-Irish -- many to New Orleans even before the Louisiana purchase to ___ and do business


  5. billionThe Mississippi River discharges 420 ___ gallons of water per day


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