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  1. trade
  2. Macon
  3. Jews
  4. African-American
  5. Creole
  1. a The ___ Ridge is one elevated area formed by debris deposited by glaciers in the last ice age.
  2. b German immigrants to New Orleans included Protestants, Catholics, and ___. Many were skilled tradesmen and entrepreneurs.
  3. c Anglo-American & Scotch-Irish -- many to New Orleans even before the Louisiana purchase to ___ and do business
  4. d Many in New Orleans, slave and free, worked on the docks and as laborers. Some were entrepreneurs and musicians.
  5. e Originally meant a person of French ancestry born in a colony. Later it referred to persons of mixed French and African-American heritage.

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  1. Today the ___ is over 76 square miles and growing. It is an exception to the coastal erosion on other places in the Deltaic Plain and Chenier Plain.
  2. Pioneers, many came to north Louisiana to grow cotton before the Civil War
  3. In south Louisiana, early ___ immigrants came directly from their homeland and settled on the "___ Coast" area of the Mississippi River to farm, later ___-American immigrants in southwest Louisiana had earlier settled in the Midwestern United States.
  4. The ___ River is currently a tributary of the Mississippi River, but in the past has gone straight to the Gulf of Mexico.
  5. The non-Acadian ___ were the first European settlers of south Louisiana. They came to trade for pelts with the Native Americans and grow sugar cane.

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  1. IrishThe Mississippi River runs from Lake ___ in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.


  2. PleistoceneThe ___ Entrenchment is the soil deposited around 18,000 years ago when the ice age caused the sea level to drop. The ___ Entrenchment is around 400 feet below the present sea level.


  3. thalwegAnglo-American & Scotch-Irish -- many to New Orleans even before the Louisiana purchase to ___ and do business


  4. Oxbow___ control is an ongoing struggle on the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain.


  5. Greater New OrleansThe first known effort to control flooding on the Mississippi River was done by the French as they built ___ in 1717.


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